Fictional aircraft I've made in X-Plane

The first aircraft I ever made in X-Plane was a glider. I have no images nor do I remember it, but it was made, or rather modfied from an existing aircraft, in Aug 2004.

It probably was very similar to the second which was a rocket glider.

Next after that was a modification, in several steps, of someone else's P-51. Didn't look much like a Mustang after I gave it a nose gear and much larger wings. I recall that one of the steps before this image was a STOL "Mustang" with large, variable incidence, wings.

After that, I made a couple of related UAVs. These were actually modified Twin Otters. Very modified indeed.

There were a few abandoned projects, one which I tried to get to work a bit longer than the other was a twin pusher UDF. It flew, but never well.

As I wanted to try quite different things I also tried to make a lifting body re-entry vehicle. I tried to make it mostly similar to the HL-10. Flew well, but of course with hidden wings inside the fuselage.

Next was an aircraft which also was mostly based on a real aircraft, in this case Lancair. But I didn't think I was good enough / didn't have enough information to claim it actually was a Lancair. It wasn't made from scratch, but a radical modification of the first STOL aircraft. It was later upgraded in several steps.

After that I wanted to make fixed gear bush aircraft. One single and one twin engine. Both were easy to fly and not based on real aircraft.

As there have been "real" aircraft which were never built, I thought one of those could make a good "prototype", as nobody could find any errors. First of these was Saab MULAS. Interesting concept. Light transport, four small GA engines (Lycoming?), one wheel at each corner and large cargo door/opening nose. Flew this a lot during fly-ins and continued to develop it after 2004.

Now we're in 2005 and I made another aircraft base on, but not quite like, a real aircraft. I made what was mostly an EuroCub, but as I couldn't get the shape of the find and stabilisers right, I called it UF-22. (It was later re-made into an EuroCub.)

Time for another cancelled Saab project, B3LA / A 38 which was to have been a light attack aircraft.

A float plane with no prototype was my US-30. One of the figures were fitted with a scarf which moved a bit in the wind.

Another cancelled Saab project, A 36. Started in the 1950's, but I painted it as it could have appeared around 1980. Tricky one this, I think the delta wing was actually two wings, partially inside each other.

Biplane with no prototype, UL-37. Doors were openable.

Another based on reality aircraft was my UL-39. It was later remade into the Flight Design CT2K it was based on.

Based on the simple SG-38 glider I made a "modern re-interpretation" called SG-83. Not very detailed, so I don't think I ever thought of it as finished. But it was fun anyway.

Next in early 2006 finished project I called Rustan. It was a very easy to fly light twin, which came with several paint schemes.

Inspired by the Republic Rainbow and the SNCASE SE-1010 I made a fast four engined reconnissance airdraft called FR-51.

Then I got inspired by assymetric aircraft and made the S 27. It's sort of what a Caproni Ca.380 with two DB605s could have been.
I had problems with its aerodynamics which I got help with at X-Plane.org.

Next fictional was B 137, a dive bomber very like Blohm & Voss  Ha 137.

Shortly after, inspired by a visit where I saw a wind tunnel model of it, the never built Saab TP90.

By July 2007 my rate of building had slowed down significantly. About one year after the TP90 I then started to make a Junkers Ju 90. I never could get the typical Junkers control surfaces to work and look right, so I gave up and called it a HF G90 instead. In all other respects it was a pretty decent Ju 90.

Since then, I haven't made any more fictional and or never built aircraft.

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