Moon phase, a mostly useless feature in watches

What is this good for? I won't believe in explanations
like "knowing if it's the right night to harvest
mistle-toe" and the like, but want a more rational

If I've been out at night within the last week, then it's
likely I'll have a pretty good idea of what the moon will
be like tonight, and if I haven't, is it really likely I'm
interested? If I'm interested, it's not the phase I want
to know, I want to know much light there will be at what

In case I'm planning a landing for the beginning of June,
then a moon phase watch won't help me find a suitable
night, a calender is better as it's usually got the moon
phases marked. But that's not enough, an ephemeris is also
needed as the times when the moon rises and sets also has
to be considered. A nearly full moon which rises in the morning
won't help much.

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