Small Gn15 layout in progress (as of circa 2004)

Very slow progress, that is.

Rolling stock

So far, my rolling stock consists of a Sidelines Hornet
with three small four wheel cars.

This is a Sidelines Hornet (a freelance design) loco, with
Hanazono motor bogie and my Sidelines 4 wheel open wagon
and one of my two 4 wheel flat wagons as the resin kits
come delivered.

The wagons are about 55 mm long.

Assembly has started. I epoxy glue the
parts in sections.

I won't close up the Hornet until I've gotten the tungsten
I'm going to put in the bonnet.
Here you can see how small the rolling stock is.

Layout construction

This is what will become the "benchwork".
Mainly 8 mm thick balsa with a top of 2 mm balsa supported by
balsa rods. I think the 1.0 x 0.5 m layout benchwork will
weigh about 0.5 kg.

The finished benchwork.
The 2 mm balsa flexes a bit, but that doesn't matter much, as there will
be a roadbed as well. These sheets are only there to support the
scenery shell.

Where to buy

  • Pepper7
    - Very good service. Where I got my Sidelines kits.

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by Urban

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