Airshow photos: Malmslätt 1976

Static display photos only, but the airshow was worth seeing too: Last (we supposed at the time) flight of a Saab J 29 Tunnan, a squadron Saab SK 60 firing practice rockets against a target on other side of one of the runways.

Photos show: Catalina, Fiat CR 42 Falco, Reggiane Re 2000, N.A. Mustang, Hawker Hunter, Saab Draken, DC-3 (bought from the German air force, as "spare parts"), Vampire in trainer scheme and Venom in target towing scheme.

More photos from someone else who was there that day.


  1. I would like to see firing of practise rockets on a public air show today... ;-)

    BTW Do you know when the repainted the Mustang (and removed the indian on horse)?

  2. I don't know when they repainted it, but it was before the museum proper opened.