Crispi Summit

Today's new shoes. A bit tight around the toes for me with the original innersole, so I'll use them with green Superfeet innersoles instead.

The fact that they've Gore-Tex membrane isn't really a positive factor as I'm not really planning on using them where it's really wet. I only wanted a pair of light weight boots.

Never had any Crispi before, but I've started to think less monoculture when it comes to clothes and footwear is a good thing.

Used to be I only used Lundhags Scandinavia boots. And I really mean only, year round, any part of the world -- except in deep snow. For nearly a decade I continously had four or five pairs, at home I used one pair two days and then switched to the next pair. Used boots only, never low shoes. On travels I sometimes only brought one pair, even for two to four weeks, as the only footwear. (And before that model, it was their Continental (only one pair) and Bergsport ("Mountain sport").) This started on my round-the-world trip, when I brought one pair of boots and one pair of Ecco Free. The low shoes I left in San Francisco. (Nearly lost the Bergsport boots in Grand Canyon, but that's another story.) Then Lundhags changed the model quite radically and I no longer could use it, nor any of their models, which I found out when I sent to pairs to them for re-soling. The current Ranger Mid is OK, but I only have two pair of it.

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