Nikkormat FT3 and FT2, a review

Really liked it, but didn't use it as much as the FT2 I had a lot earlier, because the FT3 was more of a backup to my F3HP, and later my telephoto camera when I had a rangefinder as the main camera. In between I had a FM and a FE.
The FT2 and FT3 are functionally identical except for what aperture rings the meter works with.

Plus: Sturdy and has everything a camera needs except possibly ability to change focusing screens. Also doesn't have more than a camera needs.
Minus: Weigh 0.9kg. You can't reset the self timer if you happen to nudge it.

I'd like one, but digital. Everything was well thought out. The shutter speed dial is a bit odd, but even more unusual was that the times shorter than flash sync could be set step-lessly (yes, I tested it by using the flash and you could set a couple of times between 1/250 and 1/500). You could also move the aperture and shutter speed rings using the same grip without changing exposure, which is just like "program shift" today, but without automatic exposure.
It has a repeating exposure needle on top which together with that everything could be set by feel made it very fast and easy to work with. Except if you happened to activate the self timer; Then you had to take a picture and wait for the time you'd set the timer for.
In quality and function it was actualy very close to the professional F2. The main difference was almost only that the F2 had exchangable focusing screens and ability to accept a motor drive.  So I think it's my FT2 and FT3 which have made me picky regarding which cameras I want to own and use.

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