When to not use VR (image stabilisation)

That you have use of image stabilisation when taking photographs on slow shutter speeds is obvious, as that's what it's for.

The instruction manual tells you when to switch it off (which can be different for different lenses) and it's usually when the camera is on a tripod.

But I've sometimes read that you should also switch off VR when using fast shutter speeds, "because it will try to correct something which doesn't need correcting" or something similar. I don't believe in this, simply because it doesn't make any sense. I've also tested it; No, there's no difference in image quality on 1/2000s with VR on or off with either of my lenses which have it. Not everyone agrees, some people are convinced quality suffers, but they don't seem to be able to explain why that would be.

Thus, I switch it off only on tripods and for battery life reasons, which means mostly off for 16-85, mostly on for 70-300. Because even when it doesn't improve images, it does stabilise the viewfinder image which is good for me and probably for the autofocus as well.

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