Bought some ink today

A bottle of Mont Blanc Irish Green. The green isn't very special, but the bottle is a new, but similar, shape.

I came up with the idea of listing the ink I've bought the last 10 years, in the order I bought it. (It's not a complete list, as I've gotten rid of some I disliked, so it's just the one's I've currently on the shelf.)

Pelikan Königsblau
Waterman South Seas Blue
Waterman Florida Blue
Waterman Havana
Mont Blanc Königsblau
Pelikan Blau-schwarz
Pelikan Brilliant-Braun
Shaeaffer Brown
Parker Penman Ruby Red
Pelikan Brilliant-Rot
Shaeaffer Red
Mont Blanc Schwarz
Parker Quink Black
Waterman Black
Parker Quink Turquoise
Pelikan Türkis
Parker Penman Mocha Brown
Parker Penman Emerald Green
Parker Quink Blue
Waterman Green
Waterman Rouge
Shaeaffer Blue-Black
Mont Blanc Blauschwarz
Shaeaffer Blue
Pelikan Violett
Pelikan Brilliant-Schwartz
Pelikan Brilliant-Grün
Shaeaffer Green
Shaeaffer Jet Black
Parker  Blue/Black
Caran d'Ache Bleu
Mont Blanc Bordeaux
Herbin Vert Olive
Herbin Eclat de Saphir
Swisher Pens Nantucket Blue
Swisher Pens Emerald  
Noodler's Shah's Rose
Noodler's Blue
Noodler's Ottoman Azure
Noodler's Midnight
Noodler's La Coleur Royale
Noodler's Shah's Rose
Noodler's Red-black
Noodler's Iraqi Indigo
Noodler's Stockholm Indigo
Mont Blanc Englischgrün
Platinum Black
Yard-O-Led Jet Black
Noodler's Tanager
Caran d'Ache Amazon
Caran d'Ache Orange
Caran d'Ache Caribbean Sea
Omas Grey
Syll Bleu
Herbin Lie de Thé
Syll Vert
Noodler's Nuke Dark Matter
Mont Blanc Irish Green

Admittedly, not all bottles have even been opened, much less tested.

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