Citizen Promaster PMT56-2712

This is a watch I haven't been using for several years. The reason I put it away was because I thought it had started to be less reliable as I did a master reset and did micro adjustment several times. Obviously there wasn't any problem with it which wasn't cured by a good rest.

It's still easy to use and clearly one of my most technically advanced watches even though it not being especially expensive. Night visibility and solar cell efficiency are still good after seven year.

I have written about it earlier on my old web page, and what I wrote there is still true. (Note that I don't have write access to that document anymore, so the link to "better photos" is quite dead.)

A happy find, as I wasn't looking for it but rather clearing out junk from a storage area... in the weeks since I found it I've worn it about 7 days out of 8; It's also comfortable to wear.