My favourite X-Plane aircraft, part 1 (those I've made myself)

Those of my own aircraft I continue to fly and update are those who have images at my X-Plane aircraft page. As time goes on, they become fewer and fewer as I have less time to make aircraft and as there are more and more made by other people all the time the need to make my own diminishes.

A the time of writing, it's these eight ones:
  • WT-9 Dynamic - Modern ultralight.
    [Version 9.55] (New 2008-11-25, updated 2010-07-18.)
  • Fokker F28 Fellowship - Short distance airliner, made to operate from small fields. First flew in 1967, 241 manufactured.
    [Version 9.41] (Updated 2010-02-28, new 2009-11-14.)
    Available with a more advanced sound here.
  • Nord NC.701 Martinet - As an aerial photographic aircraft with the Swedish mapping agency.
    [Version 9.40] (Updated (from 8.60) 2009-12-13.)
  • Spartan 7W Executive - 1930's travel aircraft. Not original for me, just modification of other maker's aircraft
    [Version 9.40] (Updated (from 8.60) 2009-11-29.)
  • CVM S.25 - Swedish reconnaissance aircraft from the 1920s. This one used as air ambulance.
    [Version 9.21] (Updated (from version 8) 2008-11-16.)
  • Short Sealand - Light amphibian.
    [Version 9.20] (Updated (from version 8) 2008-08-10.)
  • Slingsby T.21B Sedbergh - Vintage glider. Fun to fly.
    [Version 9.02] (Updated 2008-06-15.)
  • de Havilland DH.84 Dragon - 1930's six passenger airliner.
    [Version 9.00rc2] (Updated (from version 8) 2008-04-01.)

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