My favourite X-Plane aircraft, part 2 (those made by other people)

First some freeware aircraft (some require registration on the site), in alphabetical order. They all look good, fly well and in most cases very much like the real world aircraft. A few also simulates the systems very well.

Several of them do not have a 3D cockpit, which sometimes is an advantage since if they do have extensive instrument panels a 2D panel is easier to work with.

Two more freeware, for version 8:
  • Air Balloon - very relaxing to fly.
  • Schleicher ASG 29 - End of activity - This is possibly, probably, still the best glider, ever, for X-Plane. Unfortunately, it's no longer available for download (so you need not visit these two links), and as the makers said, perhaps not really version 9 compatible. The motorglider version does not work right in X-Plane 9, but it was incredibly impressive when it was new.


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