Reduced the number of inks I use

I realised 60 ink bottles was really too many to actually use, so I've put away in storage, given away, brought to work and plain classified as garbage (yes, surprisingly many weren't actually usable any more) most of it. So this is what I have on the "ink shelf":

  • Noodler's Dark Matter / Nuke
  • Platinum Black
  • Caran d'Ache Saffron
  • Noodler's Tanager Orange
  • Noodler's Shah's Rose
  • Pelikan Violet
  • Noodler's Stockholm Indigo
  • Noodler's Ottoman Azure
  • Swisher Nantucket Blue
  • Caran d'Ache Caribbean Sea
  • Pelikan Brilliant Green
  • Mont Blanc Irish Green
  • Mont Blanc Englishgrün / Racing Green
When selecting which ones to put there, I discovered that some I had thought to be quite different were in fact practically the same (in colour, not all properties), like Noodler's red-black, Mont Blanc's bordeux (the old one) and Pelikan's brilliant brown. Maybe they were more different but have aged? My newest bottle is marked "MAR 15", so presumably the maker assumes a five year usable life; I've previously found that one bottle I had a long, long time actually faded in the bottle. Perhaps I should put the bottles back into their cardbord boxes? No.

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