X-Plane with three screens

I recently bought a video splitter and two extra displays. It's not just practical for flight sim, but that's the one thing which made me decide it was worth the money.
I don't think I can see any impact on frame rates, which I was concerned about. So it enhances the experience quite a bit.

However, there are other things which I hadn't thought through.
  • I no longer have the same vertical field of view, so I can't see as much of the instrument panel while looking straight ahead. Used to have a view angle of 72 deg and you can't set it at thrice that even if you would like to (some effects get really weird at 170 deg, like nav light effects larger than a 787 in external view).
  • Wide 2D panels which I was used to scroll left<->right with, they are now centred, which means I get the centre post exactly in the middle. This cuts down on the number of aircraft which are practical to fly. (Which mainly is a good thing as I haven't time to fly all I have saved anyway.) I'm keeping a few, since they are really, really good, and reduce resolution to the same as the centre screen when I want to fly them.

If anyone wonders: Yes, the keyboard is made in 1993. Much better than newer ones. (At work I have one almost the same age, so I'm probably the only one with no "Windows" key.) My true favourite keyboard was still earlier, but it didn't have enough F keys.

Yoke outside the image in order to show the screens better.

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