Some ferrets are more special

Both Rustan and Rasmus used to have favourites among the females. Rustan several but only one at a time until they died.

But Regnar is exceptional; Now I'm really sure he actually tries to, or at least want to, get Kimber to go for a walk together with us. If she's sleeping, Regnar and I go out, he turns back toward the front door and looks like he wants to go inside again. If Kimber has woken and is by the door, he goes in, waits until I've put a harness on her and we all go out again.

If she's not by the door, I unharness Regnar, he goes into the bedroom and returns. Then we can go for a long walk. He can't be doing anything but checking on her.

One thing I can't recall if I've tried with Regnar or Kimber is something I used to do long ago. When out for a walk in a field during darkness, I stop and lay flat on the ground. All ferrets, except for Carmen, would just keep on pulling on the leash. In different directions. But she, she'd instantly return and put her nose to my face. Something special obviously went on in her head, but I can't guess what.

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