Pilot Custom 823 demonstrator fountain pen

I was a little bit hesitant about buying this pen, as I had no experience with the filling system. But I already had two Pilot pens, so I knew the nib was likely to be good. Although, if I could have chosen a nib for this I'd gotten a B or SM, because that's what I have in my 74 and 743. This has an M.
It's not easy to completely rinse out an ink, but I'm thinking that maybe it's like that always and it's in this case you can see it. Anyway, I've decided it's going to get green and turquoise ink exclusively.

The Custom 823 has a combination of properties which has quickly made it one of my favourite pens: As opposed to the rather small converters in my other Pilot pens this one has a huge ink supply. Probably the largest of any of my pens, but I haven't measured. And the nib is better than some of my other pens with largish ink containers. And it's very nice being able to really see the innards, both from a technical ("toy") standpoint and remaining ink. In short: I think my M800 will see much less use from now on. 

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