The Apple tree house, Lego 5891

This is  how my version of it looks at present, when it's just been built.
From the start I decided I didn't want the house with the garage as it wasted a lot of interior space and has rather few windows. The two story version looks nice, but it wasn't quite what I wanted.
So it was this variant which made me interested in buying the set.
I liked the red strip between the foundation and the walls proper in the garage version so I incorporated it in this. Only took a few extra pieces from my hoard. Apart from that you can see here how many pieces are left over from the set.
The opening roof section doesn't look very good, nor does it actually work well, so I had from the beginning decided to make a solid roof instead, with at least one window. As there was a good supply of roof pieces, I added a small extension with the third small window in the set.
Other changes so far is moving the downpipe to the inside corner and adding a short piece of gutter where the roof doesn't go down far and an extra floor for the loft which also helps with supporting the roof.

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  1. Nice! I just ordered one of this house and I totally agree with the lack of interior space of house 1. I've been wishing for the beach house 4996 but can't seem to find one locally. The one you made is closer to the beach house. Thanks for sharing!