Astrology is pseudoscience, Sweden's king says

In today's traditional Chrismas speech to the Swedish people our king pointed out that in order to solve our planet's future problems we have to rely better knowledge, knowledge based on the scientific method. He pointed out that this is important in a time where more and more people imagine that astrology is a science -- but didn't mention any other specific examples of pseudescience.

This might not be a coincidence; He has a quite prominent employee who will soon leave who long ago used to be very certain astrology works, because otherwise people (specifically the Chinese) wouldn't have been using it since ancient times. Could be this person has since then had a better think on the subject, which is something which often leads to one becoming more noticably "anti" than someone who just never have bothered with the subject. Or possibly it's just a coincidence and there's a completely different reason for bringing this up.

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  1. And the best old HMQEII could manage was to liken religion to sport!

    Nice work, Sweden :)