Maxpedition TacTies

The TacTie is a woven plastic replacement for their MALICE clips (shown in the background) and used to fasten pockets/pouches to other items.
I've never managed to follow the instructions and weave them through the webbing as they're rather stiff. Not that it's really necessary. But with the TacTies it's easier to do and yes, it does give a firmer attachment.

MALICE clips are a bit easier to secure with their lock tabs, you only have to push them in a bit till they click fastened. TacTies have to be pulled through with a bit more force. The locking is as robust. Disengaging a MALICE clip is easy, provided you have a screwdriver or something, sometimes a finger nail can suffice. TacTies don't require any tools, but if they're attached tightly you have to use force to pull them further through the locking buckle.
Better than the MALICE clips? In some regards, yes, never needing tools for them is a clear advantage and they're much less bulky. However, the MALICE clips feel securely closed even if you don't use them as intended (the full length of them engaged). But a TacTie isn't likely to open on its own either as half closest to the buckle is of double weave and doesn't bend easily.

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