Safari on iPad

Checked out the iPad which has been for sale in Sweden now for a couple of weeks. The default installed browser Safari disappointed me from the beginning by not having an option for font size. "You can zoom." Well, that's not at all the same thing. I understand that you can't give apps lots and lots of options (another example is Google Chrome, but it has font size) as some users will get lost in them. But since Mail and Calendar has minimum font size option, why not Safari too? I don't expect to find Firefox on a device which isn't really a computer, but there's an Opera Mini. I've used Opera a lot, since version 3 or perhaps 2, and it has always been strong on accessibility so it was worth trying out. Too bad it's for iPhone, so it's not ideal, but a few useful options it has. Reading some articles on the web, after seeing Safari and trying out the iPad, it seems like Atomic is another browser worth trying and I will do so.

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