Surefire LX2 and G3D

Two different torches with one thing in common: Powerful LED and multiple output levels. Can't really decide which one is "better" as I prefer first one, then the other, and then the first again.
The LX2 Lumamax has the twist and/or press controls. That means you can twist to get low level and then push for momentary high level of light. You can also only push and get maximum output.

With the G3D the levels are switched to a higher, of three different, when you release and then engage again. It's apparently an electronic switch and not mechanical, so you only need to push, but not click, the lowest level and then push again to get medium.

Other differences are the G3D has a lower maxium output, wider beam, three instead of two batteries and comes with a lanyard long enough to hang around your neck. And it's got a plastic body.

Don't know which I'd keep if I had to let one go.

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