Syncing your Google Calender without giving your password to an untrusted device

With my iPad, some of the time I can simply use the built in Safari web browser to access my Google account. I figure that you simply have to trust the maker of your hardware not to store or transmit passwords. And yes, I mean that you really have no choice as long as your password is the only authentication token. Same with iPad's built in Calender; You have to trust it. But it doesn't handle Google Tasks (because no documented API?). However, there are other apps which do. Do I want to give them my password? No! And since it's something I carry around, I don't really want to store my password in its calender either. So what to do? First study the Google help pages and see if there's a way of having extra passwords. No such luck. But I did find out that nowadays you can log on with multiple accounts from the same PC -- and that's the solution. I created a new account where the only services I use is Tasks and Calendar. Google Calendar is easy to transition as you just have to give the new account access to your existing calendar. This way, if my mobile device or one of its apps is compromised it doesn't have any access to my mail, contacts and documents. Or this blog for that matter. The only thing at risk is the calender and task list.

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