Utilities for iPad

Apart from the pre-installed apps these are the few I find most useful.

  • To Do's List
    I've tried out several similar, free, apps and this one is clearly the best. One feature of it which is very useful is that the icon has a small badge showing the number of unfinished tasks.
  • Jumbo Calculator
    A basic but very easy to use emulation of a table top calculator.
  • Cube Slide Rule Lite
    A free good precision slide rule. Sized for iPhone.
  • iBooks
    I've no idea why this isn't pre-installed. It's a full featured e-book reader for EPUB and PDF documents. You can organise your books, you can set luminosity separately from default settings, bookmark both kind of books and it remembers where you stopped reading.
  • i41CX RPN Calculator
    My all-time favourite calculator is the HP-41C and this is a good emulation of it. It's not free but for me who's addicted to the HP-41C calculator it's worth the money. I have the least features version which is totally useful for writing programs and every day calculations.
    There are free RPN calculators, but since I've got this one I don't need to find a favourite among them.
  • I've got a set of travel planning and weather forecast apps but as that's location dependent I'll not list them.

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