The world's northernmost train, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard

It not operational, but a preserved mining train used to haul coal from one of the several coal mines on Spitsbergen, a few kilometers to the harbour at Ny-Ålesund, which also happens to be the world's northernmost settlement.

The preserved engine is number 2, built in 1909.
It is further said that the nr. 2 from Borsig was erected as a monument in Ny Ålesund, and that originally it was built for 80 cm track. The railway in Ny Ålesund was 90 cm. It might be that the people buying locos found the nr.2 by accident, as they passed Salangsverket on their way to Svalbard. It arrived on Svalbard on July 12. The Orenstein&Koppel was intended to be their first; it arrived on August 26 by the vessel Deneb.

These photos are from a visit there in summer 1995.

The locomotives used on Svalbard

nr type name   built by     year  bought from    year   scrapped
2   B  tyskern Borsig       1909  Salangsverket  1917     -
?   B  ?       Orenstein&K. 1911  Niedermeyer&G. 1917   1970
4  1C  Haddebo NOHAB        1875  NÖJ            1919   1934?
6  1'B Roxen   NOHAB        1885  NÖJ            1919   1934?
?   ?  ?       Maschinenbau 1911  ?              1918?  ?
3 C Sten Sture Motala V.    1890  Vetlanda Jv    1945   1970

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