One Ture Sventon book won't be re-published

I recently wrote about an American book which has been edited to remove a unwanted word.

Now, there's a similar discussion in Sweden, as one book in a series of childrens' books about a detective has been withdrawn by the publisher. They were planning on replacing a word which nowadays shouldn't be used in Swedish, but when the books were written (this one in 1953 and I think last re-published in 1971) were primarily descriptive of skin colour -- and very few people in Sweden of that colour to take offense. Both things which have since changed.

Reasoning behind this was that children can't handle learning a word they aren't supposed to ever use themselves.

The author is no longer alive, so he had no say, but the authors' association denied permission to change the book as its literary value is dependent on it being the same as written.

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