Pelikan M205 DUO

I don't really need a highlighter fountain pen. But I like transparent pens and I want to try out what a Pelikan BB nib is like, so I've just gotten myself the yellow transparent M205 with it's highlighter ink.
So now I've got five Pelikans in this size, letting me switch nibs around. The two nibs I like best so far i the M400's and the M200's, but when it comes to pens I like the M215 and the transparent ones most.

The highlighter ink is apparently not a "regular" ink; The instructions are very clear that you must rinse the pens thoroughly after using it if you plan on filling the pen with some other ink. It also says that the DUO ink is only for use with the DUO: "Do not use with other writing utensils!". Wonder if that's because of the BB nib or if there's something else that's different, could the piston be special in some way?

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