Graffiti knitting - in the Swedish Air Force Museum !!!

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The above link goes to a set of photos which are not a joke. At least not by the photographer as in "Photoshop", nor by a pranking visitor. This is actually how the aircraft are displayed during February! (Official museum page about it.)
I think it can be fun to give lamp posts and things like that scarves. Guerilla knitting in that way is OK.
But this, this I can't any reason for at all. It's not funny. It's not respectful. It's not a meaningful statement by the museum. It's not historical. It's not a preservation activity. It's not a way of presenting the objects in a pedagogic way. It's possibly "art". It's very doubtful this is a way of attracting visitors to the museum.
I'm angry. I'm sad. But I'm not very surprised.

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