Nib switch

Pilot Custom 823 and Custom 743
Since I can't use more than one pen at a time, I thought it might be a good idea to combine the best properties of a couple of pens. In this installment I've switched the nibs between two Pilot fountain pens. The Custom 823 as delivered has an 18k M nib, the Custom 743 a 14k SM (soft medium). Both are very good, but I prefer the soft slightly.

There's nothing wrong with the 743, but I've got several black cigarshaped pens and the 823 has a larger ink capacity. And a cool filling system.

As you can see, the hues don't exactly match, but this isn't really noticable unless you have them both to compare.

I can't seem to comment in my own blog, but this is what I'd written if I could in response to the comments:
"I had written both 74 and 72 so I just guessed instead of checking the pen. My brain's spell checker doesn't work on numbers, apparently.
And obviously I'm starting to have too many pens if I can't remember which ones I have..."


  1. I thought the 74 had a size 5 nib while the 823 had a size 15 nib?

  2. Ah - I see you've changed the "74" to "742". But doesn't the 742 have a #10 nib? Maybe it's the 743?