Swedish archival ink

This is what ballpoint ink was tested against to make it allowed to use for documents which were to be archived. I think the first ballpoint to be approved was before 1964, but I don't know if the same regulation in detail as below was in force then or if this proclamation was changed in other paragraphs.

Translation of part of Proclamation (1964:504) on the use of writing material in government activities (cancelled 1991)

10 § For approval of an ink it is required, that the writing withstands the effects of daylight, air, water and alcohol as much as an ink made of the following ingredients: 23.4 grams of anhydrous tannin, 7.7 grams of crystallized gallic acid , 30 grams of copperas, 10 grams of gum arabic, 1 gram of carbolic and hydrochloric acid equivalent 2.5 grams hydrogen chloride, all per liter, and that the ink is otherwise suitable for the production of documents, as stated in 8 §.

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