New and old ink bottle models

Pelikan's bottles stayed the same, until the launch of the current line. But packaging design changed.
I prefer the older design where the ink colour is prominent. Switching to dark boxes with a small circle doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Also, the old box was very clear on what the content was intended for. I like that.

Mont Blanc's bottles continue in the same style, but the boxes have grown. Here we can see the opposite trend as the boxes and bottle stickers go from monochrome to being shaded in the inks' colour. That's good. But why does the box have to grow that much? The bottles contain a bit more, but are basically the same overall shape. Expensive has to be big?

Continuing the theme of what I think of boxes, here are three examples. First Caran d'Ache. Pretty smart to have a single box with a cutout to show the sticker on the bottle. This works. Except for those who think that boxes should, well, contain what's in them.

Herbin has interesting boxes. On top is a square showing the colour. On front is a picture showing what the ink is associated with. This is a really nice touch.

Waterman has a very utilitarian package design. You can't miss the colour as it's on the boxes' all six sides and it's repeated on the bottles too.

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