On a rather long walk with Regnar

Yesterday evening I asked him if he wanted to "go out". Took a while for him to finish yawning and get up. And when he did, he showed what he wanted to do, he went to the drawer where I have my outdoors glasses (and torches) and after I'd taken them out to the door. Interesting he has noticed this and not something like the harness and leash.

I expected this to be 20-30 min or so close by and this was what it started as. But I brought him a bit further away. First he headed home, but when almost at home he passed by instead and gradually went further from home. He likes the forest, but he never heads for it from home as there's open ground in between. This time it looked like he was following a scent track which I thought belonged to another hedgehog.

But after a while it was clear it wasn't a hedgehog as they don't follow footpaths but go through hedges and such. After a while we came to a road underpass which Regnar found very interesting. When we left, he continued to follow paths through the grass and once in a fork he turned left but turned around after 20 m. Then it was into dense woods where it was too dark to let him go where he liked, so we went on a little used path and circled around. When we came to the same road underpass we met the fox, running.

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