Examples of types spam mail I've gotten

Nowadays I let Gmail filter and I did it myself which also worked well for years before that. But earlier some probably web keyword search based, as is not blind to every e-mail address there is, spam I've gotten include:

  • Offer to sell me ice cream making machines (probably because of the web page where I give a recipe for making ice cream without machines)
  • Would I like to buy, or find someone who would like to buy, a number of Russian 120 ton diesel locomotives (TEM3 I think) stuck in a US port?
  • Any interest in a secondhand Lockheed L-100 (civilian Hercules)?
  • Would I like to import knives?
  • Do I have contacts who could help sell G-suits to the Bangladesh air force?
  • A couple of times there has been interested expressed in acquiring spare parts in countries where I'm almost sure there were reasons they couldn't just simply ask the manufacturer or a representative in another country

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