Haglöfs Escape Ventilated

In 2010 I thought it might be a good idea to have a pair of hot weather shoes.  That's when I got my first pair, the ones with red trim, of the ventilated mesh model of Escape.
For some reason I didn't feel like using the original insoles, so instead I got a pair of green Superfeet insoles.

They work fine: On a chilly autumn evening the feet get cold in them. They're also usable for wearing and walking with all day but I don't seem to get them laced right for very rough terrain. Could be due to my choice of insoles, but when you walk so it's sloping down to your left or right they don't feel perfectly stable.

The red ones followed me to Japan in 2010 (but not alone, because there was serious hiking planned), the green trim ones were my only shoes on my recent railway trip in Europe.

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