Amazing helicopter airshow

A video from, I think, 1986 and taken at Frösön.

Swedish military airshow displays used to be different(*). This seems to be a bit more agile than how they showed this type of helicopter when it was closer to retirement.


  • Simulated low-level dogfight at about 50 m over the runway between two Drakens (1979, Karlsborg)
  • Low level high speed runway pass in a reconnaissance Draken photographing the audience and giant blow ups posted on a hangar door 1 hour later (1979, Karlsborg)
  • Firing of practice rockets at the airfield from SK 60s in front of the audience (1976, Malmslätt)
  • 360 deg roll in AJ 37 Viggen very soon after take off, wingtip <5 m off ground (1975, Såtenäs)
Too bad I didn't have a movie/video camera then.

But I guess crashing a Gripen in the middle of the capital changes the risk evaluation a bit.

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