Carabiner origin

Most of you know what a carabiner is, but not even Wikipedia's article on them seem to have images of its original form and use.
Recently, I visited the Swedish Army museum in Stockholm and took some low quality photos. As you can see, the carabiner itself is quite like some designs in use today even if I can't recall seing a blade spring used exactly like that.

The weapons attachment is quite ingenious. By having a metal bar on the left side of the stock with a sliding ring the gun will assume a stable attitude with the barrel pointing up when you sling it behind your back. You can easily reach it and hold the carbine in a firing position without disconnecting it nor having an unnecessarily long gun sling. And it's of course easy to detach the gun from the sling when you want to reload it and quickly attach it again. Just like we use carabiners today.

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