Nikon 1

The other day I by accident happened on a demonstration in a park in Stockholm.

It's clear they haven't tried to make "a better GF3 or NEX-7" but something quite revolutionary. A few observations:

  • Up to 60 frames per second using the electronic shutter. But it seems under some circumstances it can be a bit more, actually.
  • Possibility to take photographs with full resolution (RAW) when filming. I can see exactly when I'd like to have that ability.
  • Competent face detection. Does not require "two eyes and a mouth" so I think the rather powerful processor scans all the image all the time and tries to guess what's people helping it to find faces from 1/4 rear view even.
  • Electronic or mechanical shutter selectable. That can be important in a few cases.
  • In a few modes the camera buffers images when you half press the shutter release button. This means you can take a picture before you "take" it. Smart.
  • Easy to change shutter speed and aperture when in mode M.
  • The V1 has a larger buffer and more advanced sensor anti-dust function.
  • Short menu trees to change settings.
  • Sometimes fast focusing, sometimes not so fast. Don't understand how it can have both phase detection and contrast autofocus if both are sensor based. Maybe the "phase detection" is based on advanced image processing.
Image quality is clearly good enough for what I'd use a "small" camera for. If I didn't already have an X1 I'd be lining up to purchase one, but these aren't much, if at all, lighter. Mostly I like the V1's electronic viewfinder. Could also be nice to be able to use my 16-85 mm with a much smaller camer.

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