Modelljärnvägens Hus, Alunda

Yxkrokens Järnväg in the foreground.
Good thing it was preserved at Modelljärnvägens Hus after its creator couldn't keep it any longer.
As of now, the trains have run 18.5 km and carried 800 kg cargo since 1963 with every session (at least before it came here) recorded.

Yxkrokens Järnväg
It was begun in 1963 and made purely for operation.
Its maker and operator fitted all stock with couplers of his own design, for example.
A shelf layout.
It's interesting in that it has both 2 and 3 rail sections which aren't connected.
The same shelf layout.
Nordland during night mode
Nordland is the large, nine interconnected level, display layout which can be used both in display and operation modes.

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