Some colourful ballpoint pens

I wasn't looking for any pens in particular when I happened to pass through a store where they had a really good deal (about half the standard price of a single) on Bic M10 Clic pens, in limited edition colours. So of course I picked one of each.

Next place had a few of the new Ballograf Epoca colours. And one yellow with a Dalecarlian horse printed on the grip as well as one of the Rondo 2010 limited edition "Candy".

It's strange about the Rondo limited editions: I can't find all I think I've got. I knew I had missed out on buying the 2010 ones, but I'm almost certain I've got two of the 2009 "Botanique". Only ones I've got in my pen boxes is a 2008 Retro and a 2007 Black and White. Both which unfortunately are a bit damaged, as those were made when the limited editions were printed on smooth hard white (ABS?) plastic. Since 2008 they're made of the same material as the standard edition. But then again, I've mislaid Epocas too; I've got one chrome body with grey grip part but only the pencil but I know they were sold in matched pairs so where's the ballpoint?


  1. Do you know a store that can ship BIC M10 clic limited edition pens to the US?

  2. No. I don't even know one which have them for sale at all.