Ballograf Epoca ballpoint internals

It's a really ingenious mechanism. Only these parts and you just drop them into the barrel in this order and it's assembled.

Someone else's video of how it's put together.


  1. Where would we be without webpages like this one? I unscrewed my pen for no good reason and was clueless on how to reassemble the little parts. Your description saved me.

    ... and it is totally beyond my understanding how these parts can combine to a working ballpoint pen!

  2. Thank you! I have one with the exakt same part (the pen in the video is different, another maybe newer version of Epoca?). The kids unscrewed it and I could not figure out how to fix it. First error was assuming the spring would be at the tip of the pen (like in the video), but that was not the case here. I just dropped the parts in in your order and amazingly it worked!

  3. Yes... so I got one of those from my grandma, I'm getting absolutely loaded with "neat" pens since I collect fountain pens now.

    The version I got was a green one with Heineken branding on the clip, as is my instinct, I took it apart to see the insides of it
    Fortunately I came across your post, It made my day because ocd... (;

    LegoMan 1234512345