Scale model building paint cross reference table

This began, long ago, as part(s) of the rec.models.scale COLOURS FREQUENTLY ANSWERED QUESTIONS. There are updated versions of it in other places (IPMS Stockholm's web site) for example, and I know it was handed out in paper form in for example Italy in the early 90s -- all with my express permission: No copyright claimed. Parts of it are probably still useful, but some may have been superceded by more recent research. (Not the cross reference itself, but which prototype colours they match.)


Date: 08 Nov 94 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 01/20: Introduction

The rec.models.scale is posted in three parts every two months.

This FAQ deals with the problem of which colours to use. Maybe you know
the prototype colours, but don't know what model colours to use; Perhaps
you have an instruction manual that lists model colours of a brand you
don't use, what are the equivalents; Sometimes you wonder about a colour
you don't have any references to: In these cases this list is for you.

Its emphasis is on military aviation colours.

I am a relativist: The most important thing is that the colours go well
_together_ on a model; and if it _looks_ right, I think it is! Generally,
I think you should use slightly lighter colours on a model.

GS:Hnnn = Gunze Sanyo acrylics; T:X/XF-nn = Tamiya acrylics;
X:Xnnn = Xtracolor; P:nnnnnn = Polly S; Hu:nnn = Humbrol;
T/MM:nnnn = Testors/Model Master; Pr:Mnnn = Precision Paints
Note: Gloss/matt often substitute for each other.
99*x+00*y = Mix x parts 99 + y parts 00 (approximately)

My primary sources have been different paint manufacturers own
data, magazines (Scale Models, FineScale Modeller, Military
InScale), books, David H. Klaus' "The IPMS Color
Cross-Reference Guide" and postings on Usenet.

These are the sections, those marked with "*" are changed since
last time.

FS 595a/595B -> Gunze Sanyo, Humbrol, Tamiya, Xtracolor, Polly
Finland         modern
Germany         1914-18,35-45,56-
Israel          modern  
Japan           -1945
Russia          modern
United Kingdom  1914-,-45,45-   
 entry for Sky Blue corrected
USA             WW2
USA             Modern

GUNZE        -> FS.595, Humbrol, Tamiya, Xtracolor, Polly S
HELLER       -> Humbrol
HUMBROL      -> FS.595, Gunze Sanyo, Tamiya, Polly S
TAMIYA       -> FS.595
XTRACOLOR    -> Prototype (UK, USA, Germany, Japan, ...)  
POLLY S      -> Prototype (UK, USA, Germany, Japan, ...)
AIRFIX       -> Humbrol


Date: 26 Dec 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 02/20: FS 595 to model colours

Fedral Standard 595a/595B -> Gunze Sanyo, Humbrol, Tamiya, Xtracolor, Polly S

  The colours has no official names, just numbers.
  1:st figure: 1 = gloss, 2 = semigloss, 3 = lusterless
  2:nd figure: General color classification group
  3:rd - 5:th  figure: Lower = darker; higher = lighter, _with no other
  significance_. (Assigned with gaps to allow addition of new colours.)
  FS.595 is a colour collection, not a system, so the existence of a 3xxxx
  doesn't imply that there is a 1xxxx.


FS.30045                T:XF-10
FS.20059                19*Hu:10+1*Hu:61
FS.20061                T:XF-09?
FS.30075                T:XF-09
FS.30099                P:PCA831
FS.30108  Red-brown     T:XF-64
FS.10111                T:X-09
FS.30117  Earth Red     P:500103 Hu:186 T/MM:1701
FS.30118  Earth         P:PCA830 X:X101 Hu:142  P:60? T/MM:1702 T:XF-52?
FS.30140  Brown Special P:500829 Earth Red
FS.30166  Brick Red     Hu:70  P:21
FS.30218  Tan
FS.30219  Tan Vietnam   P:PCA816/874? X:X102 T:XF-52 Hu:119 GS:H310 T/MM:1742
FS.30251                P:PCA820
FS.30257                P:PCA828 T:XF-59
FS.30266  Middlestone   P:PCA818 T:XF-60
FS.30277  Sand          P:PCA827 T:XF:49 Hu:187
FS.30279                P:PCA826 Hu:250 GS:346? X:X032
FS.30313  Sand          Hu:250
FS.30372                P:PCI879 7*Hu:187 + 3*Hu:129 
FS.20400  Tan Special   X:X145
FS.20450  Light Tan     T:XF-57? 4*Hu:250 + 1*Hu:148
FS.11105  Red           T:X-07
FS.11136  Insignia Red  X:X102
FS.31136  Matt Scarlet  Hu:60(/153) GS:H327 P:20? T:XF-7 T/MM:1705
FS.11630  Pink          T:X-17
FS.12160                T:X-06
FS.12197  Inter. Orange X:X103
FS.32473                Hu:82?
FS.32648                T:XF-15
FS.33440                T:XF:49?
FS.33446  Sand          X:X158 P:500844 (possible confusion 446/448)
FS.33448  Sand          X:X326 T:XF-60 
FS.33481  Yellow green  T:XF-04?
FS.33531  Light Brown Yellow    P:PCI875 Yellow GS:H313 Hu:121 T/MM:1706
FS.13538  Crome Yellow  Hu:188 GS:H329
FS.33531  Matt Pale Stone       P:PCI875 Hu:121 T:XF-57 Israeli AF X:X105
FS.33538  Insignia Yellow       Hu:154/Hu:24? GS:329 X:X106 T/MM:1708
FS.33613  Radome Tan    Hu:148  GS:H318 X:X107 T/MM:1709
FS.13655  Blue Angels Yellow    X:X108 T:X-08/XF-03
FS.33711  USMC Sand             white + FS.33613
FS.33814  Pale Yellow?  Hu:81? T:XF-4?
FS.14031  US helo drab  X:X152
FS.x4050                T:XF-13?
FS.14052  Marine Corps Green    T:XF-13 X:X109
FS.34058  Sea Blue      T:XF-17
FS.14062                T:X-05
FS.34077                T:XF-11
FS.34079  Forest Green P:PCA814/835 X:X110 Hu:116 GS:H309 T:XF-27/61? T/MM:1710
FS.34082                T:XF-61?
FS.34086  Dark green    GS:H319? Hu:HF 1/108 T:XF-62/13? X:X144
FS.34087  Olive Drab    X:X111 Hu:155 GS:H304 T:XF-62? P:832/808/819 T/MM:1711
FS.34088  Khaki Drab    T:XF-51?
FS.14091  Dark green    X:X155
FS.34092  Gunship Dk.Gr. X:X114 PCG862 Hu:149 GS:H302 T:XF-27*2+22*1 T/MM:1764
FS.34096                T:XF-61
FS.34097  Field (Marine) Green  X:X115 Hu:105 GS:H340  P:PF53 T:XF-58
FS.34098  Brownish green        Hu:HJ 3/150
FS.34102  Gunship Lt.Gr.X:X116 P:500815 Hu:117 GS:H303 T:XF-61*2+65*1 T/MM:1713
FS.34127  Forest Green  Hu:150
FS.34128  Deep Green    T:XF-26
FS.34138  Light Green   P:PF51  Hu:HF 2/131
FS.34151  InteriorGreen X:X117 Hu:151 GS:H58 P:PCA821/833 Hu:HD 5/HG14 T/MM:1715
FS.14159  SACblue/green X:X118 T:XF-65
FS.14187  Willow green  X:X151
FS.14201  SAC tan/brown X:X119 T:XF-49?
FS.34226  US Armour Olive Drab  P:PCA801 Hu:78 Cockpit Green
FS.34227  Light Green   Hu:120 GS:H312 P:PCI876 Israeli X:X148 T/MM:1716
FS.34230  Flat Green    T:XF-05
FS.24233  Greenish Gray 3:2:1 P:500876/500074/500032 (MiG-29)
FS.34258  Cockpit Green X:X120 Hu:78
FS.34259                T:XF-04
FS.x4417                T:XF-14
FS.34424  Medium Grey   9*Hu:90+1*Hu:31 T:XF-20 (matt) Israeli
FS.34554  Beige Green   Hu:90 T:XF-21 Sky
FS.15042  Sea blue      X:X121 Hu:181 Dark Sea Blue gloss T/MM:1717
FS.35042  Flat sea blue Hu:182 T/MM:1718 P:PCA803
FS.15044  Insignia blue X:X122 Hu:189 GS:H326 T/MM:1719
FS.35045  Dark blue     P:PCI878 Hu:HD 3 GS:H35
FS.15050  Blue Angels blue      X:X123 Hu:190 GS:H328 T/MM:1772 T:X-03
FS.15056                T:X-04
FS.35109  Blue          X:X124
FS.35164  Intermediate Blue     X:X125 Hu:144 GS:H42 T/MM:1720 P:PCA804
FS.35177  Medium blue   T:XF-18
FS.15183  Bright blue   X:X146 T:XF-08
FS.15200                T:X-14
FS.35237  Dk blue/grey  X:X126 Hu:145 GS:H337 P:PCA817 T/MM:1721
FS.35258                (Hu:HU17 Green deleted)
Fs.35414  Blue          X:X127 T:XF-23
FS.35450  Air Superiority Blue  P:PCA800 19*Hu:47+1*Hu:147
FS.25526  Aircraft Blue T:XF-23 Hu:65 GS:H67
FS.35526  Light blue    X:X606 GS:H323
FS.35622  Israeli Light Blue    P:PCI877 Hu:122 GS:H314 X:X149
FS.16076  Engine grey   X:X128 T:XF-63
FS.36081  Gunship Dk. grey  X:X129 P:500014 GS:H301 Hu:32 T:XF-63?
FS.36118  Gunship Lt. Gray  X:X130 T:XF-24 P:500822 GS:H305 Hu:125 T/MM:1723
FS.36152  Blue-grey     Hu:HN 2
FS.36165  RLM 02        T:XF-22
FS.36173  Dark Grey     Hu:156 GS:H82 T:XF-53 P:PCA823
FS.16176  Dk grey F-15  X:X157
FS.36231  Dk Gull Grey  T:XF-54 P:PCA824 Hu:140 GS:H57 X:X131 T/MM:1740
FS.36251  Medium grey   X:X132
FS.16270  Neutral grey  X:X133  T:XF-53
FS.36270  RAF OceanGray Hu:USN2 GS:H306 Hu:126 T:XF-20
FS.36307  Grey          X:X134 Hu:141 Light Sea Grey GS:H324
FS.36314  Flint grey    X:X143 T:XF-25
FS.36320  Dark compass grey     X:X135 P:PCA837 GS:H307 Hu:128 T/MM:1741
FS.36329  Light sea grey        T:XF-66
FS.36373                Hu:87 Steel grey? T:XF-25?
FS.36375  Light compass grey    X:X136 Hu:127 GS:H308 P:500836 T/MM:1728
FS.36400  Light Stone   Hu:121+Hu:90
FS.36424  Medium grey   T:XF-20
FS.16440  Lt Gull Gray  Hu:183 GS:H51? X:X137  (MiG-29) T/MM:1729
FS.36440                Hu:129 GS:H325/H315 P:PCA825 T/MM:1730 T:XF-20
FS.36463                Hu:146?
FS.16473  ADC Grey      X:X138 Light Aircraft Gray Hu:146 GS:H61 T:XF-66?
FS.36473                Hu:64 Light grey? P:PCA806? T:XF-12?/XF-19 T/MM:1731
FS.16492  Light grey    X:X147
FS.36495                Hu:147 Light Grey GS:H338
FS.x6496                T:XF-12
FS.16515  Canadian Voodoo grey  X:X150
FS.36521                T:XF-55
FS.36559                Hu:162 Surface grey
FS.36622  Light Gray    P:PCA817 T:XF-19 GS:H311 Hu:97 X:X140
FS.17038  Gloss Black   Hu:21 GS:H2 T:X-1 T/MM:1747
FS.27038  Coal Black    Hu:85 GS:H2 T:X-18
FS.37038  Black         Hu:33 GS:H12/343 P:10 T:XF-1 T/MM:1749
FS.27040  very slighty dark bluish black Hu:85? T:X-18?
FS.17100  Purple        T:X-16
FS.17178  Chrome Silver Hu:191 X:X142 T/MM:1790 T:XF-16
FS.17875  Gloss White   Hu:22 GS:H1 T:X-2 X:X141 T/MM:1745
FS.37875  Satin White   Hu:130 GS:H11 P:11? XF-2 T/MM:1768
FS.27886  White         3*Hu:34+2*Hu:41
FS.28915                Hu:192 Blaze (orangeish red, almost dayglo) T/MM:1775


Date: 26 Dec 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 03/20: Finland, modern

  Draken: Same as the Swedish ones
Lt. Grey                FS.36375  GS:H332 T:XF-53?
Olive Green             FS.34277  GS:H312 T:XF-26?
Greenish black          FS.24064  GS:H330*4+H304*1 T:XF-61*1+01*1?
  Hawk         BS 381C
Lt. Grey       627      FS.x6440 T:XF-20
Green          222      FS.x4151 P:821? GS:H58? T:XF-58?
Greenish black 437      FS.x4064 T:XF-61*1+01*1?


Date: 26 Dec 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 04/20: France, WW2

light green        P:PCF77
dark blue grey     P:PCF78
khaki              P:PCF79
chocolate          P:PCF80
dark earth         P:PCF81
light blue grey    P:PCF82


Date: 02 Jan 94 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 05/20: Germany, WWI, WWII and modern

Topside green           X:X241
Topside purple          X:X242
Underside blue          X:X243

1935-1945, RLM (Note: Many colours appear with different names)

01 Silver                       X:X216
02 Grau         FS.24226(36165) P:PCG83 GS:H70 Hu:92 T:XF-22 X:X201
04 Gelb                         X:X213 (markings)
21 Weiss        FS.37886 (markings) / winter camouflage
22 Schwarz               (markings?) Black (gloss?)
23 Rot                          X:X217 (markings)
24 Dunkelblau                   X:X218 (markings)
27 Gelb         FS.33637 (FoF markings) not bright, a hint of green
61 Dunkelbraun  FS.30040        X:X219 T:X-09+black
62 Grun         FS.34128/34159  X:X220 P:PCG706 T:XF-65
63 Hellgrau     FS.36373        P:PCG711 T:XF-25 X:X221
65 Hellblau     FS.35414(25526) P:PCG701 T:XF-23 Hu:65 GS:H67 X:X202
66 Schwartzgrau FS.36081        X:X203  some interiours
70 Schwartzgrun FS.34050(34052) P:PCG86 T:XF-13 X:X204 Hu:91 GS:H65
71 Dunkelgrun   FS.34079(34102) P:PCG87 T:XF-61 Hu:30 GS:H64 X:X205
72 Grun         FS.34056        X:X222
73 Grun         FS.34092        X:X223
74 Graugrun     FS.34086?(36081)P:PCG84 T:XF-63+65? GS:H68 X:X206 (Dunkelgrau)
75 Grauviolett  FS.26122?(26132)P:PCG707 T:XF-54+51? GS:H69 X:X207 (Mittelgrau)
76 Lichtblau    FS.36473(35414?-35622) P:PCG88 T:XF-66? X:X208 (Weissblau)
78 Himmelblau   FS.35352 X:X214 P:PCG85?
79 Sandgelb     FS.33434 X:X209 P:PCG708
79a Sandbraun   FS.30215 GS:H66 Hu:62 X:X224
80 Olivegrun    FS.34052 X:X215 P:PCG709 T:XF-58?
81 Braunviolett (FS.24087)      X:X210 T:XF-62?/13?        Weathered very fast
82 Dunkel?grun  (FS.34096)      X:X211 T:XF-27?/61?        Note: Perhaps light
83 Licht?grun   (FS.34138)      X:X212 P:PF51 T:XF-58?/26? Note: Perhaps dark
84 Graublau     FS.34432?/34554?/35622?
Very early: 61/62/63. Bombers: 70/71/65. Desert: 79/80/78. Seaplanes:
72 and/or 73/65. Nightfighters: 75/76. Fighters: 1939-1941 70/71(/02)/65;
1941-1944 74/75(/02)/76; 1944-1945 81/82/(83/)76(or 84), also permitted:
82/70 or 81/71.

RAL 1002 Sandgelb       FS.10260 Rev:11 Sand yellow
RAL 1007 Chrome Yellow  FS.33538 Hu:188/154 Insignia yellow
RAL 1026                Hu:194 Rev:312 Fluorocent yellow
RAL 1028                Hu:197 Rev:310 Lufthansa yellow
RAL 2004                Hu:18 Rev:30 Orange
RAL 2005 Leuchtorange   X:X253 Hu:192 Dayglo orange?
RAL 3000                FS.21105 Hu:60(19) Rev:330  Bright red
RAL 3004                Hu:20/107 Rev:331 Crimson
RAL 3022 Salmon pink    (Hu:178+1)
RAL 3026                Hu:209 Rev:332 Fire orange
RAL 5008 Graublau       X:X264 Rev:351
RAL 5013                Hu:198 Rev:350 Lufthansa blue
RAL 5014 Pigeon blue    FS.35488 (Hu:157)
RAL 6003 Olivegrun      FS.34102 X:X261 Hu:86 Rev:361
RAL 6014 Gelboliv       FS:34087(24064) Hu:155 X:X251
RAL 6020 Chrome green   FS.34079 Hu:116(195) Rev:363 Dark Green
RAL 7000 Squirrel grey  FS.35237 Hu:145 Rev:57 Medium Grey
RAL 7001 Silbergrau     FS.36375 Hu:64/127 X:X255 Rev:374
RAL 7005 Mouse grey     (Hu:140) Rev:47
RAL 7009 Grungrau       X:X256 Hu:(116)91 Rev:67
RAL 7011 Iron grey      FS.36118 Hu:125
RAL 7012 Basaltgrau     FS.26152 X:X254 Hu:(27)79 Rev:77
RAL 7013 Brown grey     (Hu:98) Rev:46
RAL 7021 Schwartzgrun   X:X262 Rev:9
RAL 7023 Dunkelgrau     X:X263 (Hu:141) Concrete grey
RAL 7030 Steingrau      X:X257 Rev:75(162)
RAL 7031                Hu:27 Rev:79 Sea Grey
RAL 7032 Pebble grey    FS.36408 Rev:70
RAL 7035 Lichtgrau      FS.35630 X:X260 Hu:196 Rev:371
RAL 7037 Staubraun      X:X258 (Hu:106)
RAL 7038 Agate grey     (Hu:183) Rev:372
RAL 7039 Qaurzgrau      X:X259 (Hu:92)
RAL 7042 Traffic grey A FS.36270 (Hu:167)
RAL 8017                Hu:10   Brown
RAL 8023                Hu:62 Rev:85 Leather brown
RAL 9001 Cream          FS.37886 X:X252 Hu:34 Rev:5
RAL 9005 Jet black      FS.37038 Hu:21/85 Rev:7
RAL 9006 White aluminium FS.17178 (Hu:56)
RAL 9010                Hu:22/130 Rev:4 White (gloss?)
RAL 9011                Hu:33 Rev:8 Black (matt?)

Sabre CL13B Mk.5        Green/Dk grey/Lt blue 1957-
Sabre CL13B Mk.6, F-84F, F-86K,
 Fiat G-91, Alpha Jet   RAL 6014/7012/7001 1960's-
F-104F/G, F-4F 1972-    RAL 6014/7012/9006
RF-4E, F-104G late, Tornado  RAL 6003/7021/FS.34079 wraparound
F-4F 1980 standard A    Top: RAL 7012/7037/7009 Under:7036/7001(later 7030)
F-4F 1980 standard B    Top: RAL 7012/7039/7009/7037 Under:7030/7035
F-4F 1990 standard      Top: RAL Top:7000/7001 Under:FS.35237/36375
Alpha Jet standard 1983 RAL 7021/FS.34079 wraparound
MiG-29                  FS.35237/36320/36375 Nose cone close to RAL 7012
Early tranports         RAL 6014/7012/7001
C-160 Transall, Do 28   RAL 6014/7012/9006/2005
C-160, Do 28 modern     RAL 7021/6003/FS.34079 wraparound


Date: 20 Jul 94 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 06/20: Israel, modern

Brown      FS.30219    P:PCI816/874? X:X102 T:XF-52 Hu:119 GS:H310 (not 30227!)
Tan        FS.33531    P:PCI875 Hu:121 X:X105 GS:H313 Hu:121 T:XF-57+white?
Pale green FS.34227    P:PCI876 Hu:120 GS:H312 X:X148 (or 34277??)
Light Blue FS.35622    P:PCI877 Hu:122 GS:H314 X:X149 T:XF-23+white?
Dark Blue  FS.35045    P:PCI878 T:X-03?
Earth      FS.30372    P:PCI879 T:XF-55?
Grey       FS.36375    X:X136 Hu:127 T:XF-53? GS:H308 P:500836 (not 36622!)
Green      FS.34424    T:XF-21 Hu:90
Helicopters since 1982
Brown drab FS.30118    P:PCA830 X:X101 Hu:142  P:60? T/MM:1702 T:XF-52?
Yellow     FS.23655    (Chevrons)


Date: 31 May 93 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 07/20: Italy

Italian WWII aircraft colours

Colour Name             FS595b Metheun  Humbrol

Alluminio               17178           191
Azzurro 11              15056   19E8    25 glossier
Bianco Avorio 11        33613   5A3     148 
Bianco Neve 6           37925           34
Bruno 10                30045   7F4     98 glossier
Bruno Mimetico          30215   6E7     118 glossier
Giallo Cromo 7          23655   4A8     69
Giallo Mimetico 1       33594   4B5     103 matt
Giallo Mimetico 2       33481   3C8     81      
Giallo Mimetico 3       33434   5C7     63 less orange
Giallo Mimetico 4       30266   5D6     26
Grigio Azzurro Chiaro 1 36307   28D2    141
Grigio Azzurro Scuro 3  36118   20E3    125
Grigio Mimetico         36293   22D2    140
Marrone Mimetico 1      30118   5E4     142
Marrone Mimetico 2      10076   9E8     107 matt
Marrone Mimetico 53193  30140   7E5     113+119
Nero 12                 17038           33 glossier
                        37038           33
Nocciola Chiaro 4       30219   6D4     119
Rosso 8                 11105   9C8     20 lighter
Verde 9                 14062   4F4     3 matt
Verde Anticorrosione    34558   28D4    23 with a touch of 30 (approximated) 
Verde Anticorrosione    34272   27D5    78+34 in equal parts
Verde Mimetico 1        34258   30E7    102
Verde Mimetico 2        34092   27F4    149
Verde Mimetico 3        34102   29F8    117
Verde Mimetico 53192    34227   28D5    120
Verde Oliva Scuro 2     34052   28F3    91
Verde Prato Anti-       34230   27C8    2 lighter and matt


Dark Green      FS.34086
Grey            FS.36152
Silver Grey     undersides

Dark Sea Grey   BS381:638  FS.x6173
Dark Green      BS381:641  FS.x4079
Silver Grey     undersides


Date: 26 Dec 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 08/20: Japan, WWII

Navy Green      FS.34077?/34092 T:XF-11 P:PCJ92 X:X353 GS:H59 (N1?)
Navy Grey       FS.36496        T:XF-12 X:X354 P:PCJ90? GS:H61 Hu:146? (N2?)
Army Grey       FS.35414/36595? T:XF-14 X:X352 P:PCJ90? GS:H62         (A2?)
Army Green      FS.34088?       T:XF-13/51? P:PCJ91 X:X351 GS:H60      (A3?)
Army/Navy Brown (reddish)       T:XF-64? P:PCJ93                       (A/N14?)
Interior metallic blue          X:X355 T:X-13 GS:H63
Army Silver                     T:XF-16 Hu:11                          (A6?)
Navy Mauve                      P:PCJ89 Violet                         (N9?)
Navy Brown      (wood brown)    T:XF-10 Hu:110 GS:H37                  (N17?)
Army/Navy Lt. Olive (greyish)   P:PCJ94 T:XF-22?                       (A/N21?)


Date: 12 Jan 95 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 09/20: Russia

Blue Grey       FS.36329       7*Hu:87 + 3*Hu:34 T:XF-66
Dark Green      FS.34102       P:500815 Hu:117 GS:H303 T:XF-61*2+65*1
Light Brown     FS.30372       7*Hu:187 + 3*Hu:129  P:PCI879
Sand            FS.30450       4*Hu:250 + 1*Hu:148

White           FS.27886       3*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:41
Grey            FS.36375       X:X136 Hu:127 GS:H308 P:500836 T/MM:1728

Light Blue      FS.25450       19*Hu:47 + 1*Hu:147 P:PCA800
Dark Green      FS.24086       Hu:108 GS:H319? 1 T:XF-62/13? X:X144
Dark Brown      FS.20059       19*Hu:10 + 1*Hu:61
Sand            FS.30313       Hu:250

Blue Grey       FS.26329       7*Hu:87 + 3*Hu:34 T:XF-66
Light Brown     FS.30219       Hu:118 P:PCA816 X:X102 T:XF-52 Hu:119 GS:H310 
Green           FS.24138       Hu:131 P:PF51  Hu:HF 2
Brown           FS.20111       1*Hu:180 + 1*Hu:177 T:X-09

Grey            FS.36375       X:X136 Hu:127 GS:H308 P:500836 T/MM:1728
Dielectric panels
Grey            FS.36231       T:XF-54 P:PCA824 Hu:140 GS:H57 X:X131 T/MM:1740

Entire aircraft
Light Grey      FS.36495       Hu:147 GS:H338
Topside camouflage
Blue Grey       FS.26329       7*Hu:87+3*Hu:34 T:XF-66

Blue Grey       FS.36329       7*Hu:87 + 3*Hu:34 T:XF-66
Grey-green      FS.34424       9*Hu:90 + 1*Hu:31 T:XF-20
Light Stone     FS.36400       1*Hu:121 + 1*Hu:90

Blue Grey       FS.36329       7*Hu:87 + 3*Hu:34 T:XF-66
Green           FS.34098       Hu:150
Light Stone     FS.36415       3*Hu:121 + 2*Hu:84


Date: 13 Apr 94, JAS 39 Gripen updated 97 Dec 18, Saab 340
and Gulfstream IV added 00 Jan 21
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 10/20: Sweden

  B 3 Junkers 86
Bottom: Blue-grey; Top: Brown RLM 61/Green RLM 62/Grey RLM 63

  ca.1940:s - 60:s
  Most combat aircraft:
Blue-grey       FS.36329/36250        T:XF-66
Dark green      FS.34096/34079        T:XF-61
  Trainer colours:
Orange          FS.12243(12273)         Sk 12; Sk 15; Sk 25
Black Green     FS.34052    T:XF-13+63  Sk 12 Fw 44; Sk 15 Kl 35
Dark Green      FS.34096    T:XF-27/61? Sk 25 Bu 181
Yellow,         FS.33655        T:X-08  Sk 16 Harvard; Sk 50 Safir
  J 11 Fiat CR.42, B 16 Caproni 313, J 20 Reggiane 2000 were delivered to
  Italian standard, later repainted. J 11 and J 20 had green mottle on pale sand,
  also used on J 9 Seversky EP-1, B 16 green and red-brown mottle on pale sand.
Tan             FS.33613?/30277?        T:XF-57*3+59*1
Green           FS.34258?/34083?        T:XF-58?
Red-brown       FS.30166?(30219)        T:XF-64
Blue grey       FS.26251?(26250)        T:XF-53
  Some J/S 29 Tunnan in Congo:
Brown / Green   FS.33105 / FS.34088
  J 30 Mosquito, J 33 Venom (probably to British night fighter standard)
Medium Sea Grey FS.36251/25237          T:XF-25?/53?
Green           FS.34096/34094          T:XF-58?/61?
  S 31 Spitfire (almost certainly to British standard)
PRU Blue        FS.15193
  A 29 Tunnan, A/S/J 32 Lansen
Olive green    325M FS.34096/34079        T:XF-61
Undersides bare metal

  J 34 Hawker Hunter (maybe to British standard?)
Green           FS.34083??
Underside was blue-grey

  J 35A-F Draken, Sk 60 Saab 105, Sk 61 Bulldog, some Sk 50 Safir
  (a very few Lansen)
Blue-grey  058M FS.36173/36314 X:X777 Hu:175 T:XF-66?(53) P:PCF82 Pr:M210
Dark blue  438M FS.35042/35045 X:X776 Hu:77/HJ1 GS:H35 T:XF-17+03?
Dk olive green 328M FS.34086/34052? X:X775 Hu:116/HF1 GS:H304 T:XF-13/62?
  AJS 37 Viggen, Sk 61 Bulldog, helicopters, army vehicles
Blue-grey      058M     FS.36314/x6329? Hu:SW5/175 T:XF-66?(53) Pr:M210
Black          093M     FS.34031/34050  Hu:SW3/33 T:XF-01*2+27*1 GS:H65?
Dark Green     326M     FS.34092/34128  Hu:SW2/105 T:XF-26/58? GS:H302 Pr:M213
Mid Green      322M  ANA611/FS.34138/x4187   Hu:SW1/158 P:821? GS:H58? Pr:M212
Tan            507M     FS.30117/30219  Hu:118 T:XF-52 P:PCA816 Pr:M214
(Winter camouflage: Tan and mid green overpainted white?)
  JA 37 Viggen; J 35J Draken
Light grey (overside)   FS.(x6329?/36473?)      Hu:128 T:XF-25*1+66*1?
Lighter grey (unders.)  FS.(x6440?/26493?)      Hu:147 T:XF-19?

  SK 60 Team 60 display team
Green                                   Hu:116 top and bottom
Also applied lately to J 32E Lansen, Sk 61 Bulldog and
other types.

  JAS 39 Gripen (thanks to Jens Lindell for this section)
Light grey (underside, nose)                     FS.36373
Mid grey (rest of airframe, underside insignias) FS.36173
Dark grey (insignias on mid grey)                FS.36118

  S 100B Saab 340 AEW and S 102B Gulfstream IV are painted
the same colours as Gripen.


Date: 28 Jul 94 01:00:00 GMT, updated 1995 Nov 13
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 11/20: United Kingdom, WWI, WWII and modern

NIVO (Night Invisible Varnish Orfordness) X:X20 Very dark grey-green
RFC doped natural fabric        X:X21
RFC green                       X:X22 T:XF-51?
PC10                    FS.14087
Clear doped linen       FS.13617

Dark Earth              FS.30118?  T:XF-52 P:PCE76 GS:H72  Hu:29 X:X2
Dark Green   FS.34079(34096/34064) T:XF-61 P:PCE75 X:X110 Hu:30/116 GS:H73?/309
Sky (Type S is smooth)  FS.34504   T:XF-21 P:PCE72  GS:H74? Hu:23/90?
Extra Dark Sea Grey  FS.36118(36099?)    T:XF-63?/24 P:822 X:X130 GS:H305 Hu:125
Dark Sea Grey           FS.36173(36099?) T:XF-24?/54 GS:H75?
Ocean Grey  FS.36152?(36176?/36187?)     T:XF-54 Hu:165 GS:H335 X:X6
Medium Sea Grey         FS.36270/36440?  T:XF-53 GS:H335/306 X:X3
Mid Stone               FS.30266   T:XF-60 P:PCE73/PCA818? X:X9 GS:H71 Hu:84
Azure                   FS.35231 (more white) P:PCE74 T:XF-18+X-14? X:X26
Dark Mediterranean blue FS.35050/35109?  T:X-03 GS:H328 X:X123/124?
Extra Dark Sea Green    FS.34092   T:XF-27 P:PCG862 Hu:149(/30) GS:H302 X:X114
Dark Slate Grey         FS.34096   T:XF-11+63? X:X25
PRU Mauve               X:X035
PRU Pink (low alt., when overcast) X:X034
PRU Blue (high alt.)    FS.35190?/35189 (more black) X:X008
Sky Blue                FS.35622/35550
Light Earth             FS.30257 T:XF-59 P:PCA828 overside lower wings biplanes
Light Green (pale greyish)  FS.34172 T:XF-22? o-side, l. wings, biplanes
Light Slate Grey (greenish) FS.34159 T:XF-65 X:X118 o-side, l. wings, biplanes
Trainer yellow                  X:X11
Day fighters: Dk Green/Dk Earth/Sky(or Black); 1941- Dk Green/Ocean Grey/
Sea Grey Medium; Desert: Middlestone/Dk Earth/Azure
Night fighters: Dk Green/Sea Grey Medium/(Smooth Black)Sea Grey Medium
Bombers: Dk Green/Dk Earth/Matt Black; Middlestone/Dk Earth/Azure(Black/Sky)
Temperate Sea Scheme: Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey/Sky

BS 381C
105 Oxford blue              FS.15050 X:X23 T:X-03? Helicopters, VIP aircraft
106 Royal blue               FS.15044
110 Roundel blue                X:X30
210 Sky                      FS.x4424 P:PCE71 T:XF-21 X:X7 GS:H74  Hu:90
220 Army helicopter olive       X:X27
283 Aircraft grey/green         X:X10
285 NATO green                  X:X18
298 RN helicopter olive drab FS.x4098 X:X28
356 RN helo Rescue yellow    FS.x3538 X:X19
361 Light stone              FS.x3448 X:X29   T:XF-60?
450 Dark Earth               FS.x0118 P:PCE76 T:XF-52 GS:H72  Hu:29 X:X2
537 Red Arrows Red           FS.11350 X:X14
626 Camouflage Grey          Hu:167 GS:H334 X:X17
627 RAF Light Aircraft Grey  FS.x6440 Hu:166  T:XF-20 GS:H332 X:X15 P:PCA825
629 RAF Overall Camouflage Grey   Hu:156 (matched)
633 Blue/grey                FS.16044 X:X13
636 PRU Blue                    X:X8
637 Medium Sea Grey          FS.x6270 T:XF-53 Hu:165 GS:H335 X:X3
638 Dk Sea Grey, -1975 (semigloss) FS.x6173 T:XF-24?/54 Hu:164 GS:H331 X:X4
638 Dk Sea Grey, 1975- (matt)      FS.x6173 T:XF-24?/54 Hu:164 GS:H331 X:X4
640 Extra Dk Sea Grey     FS.36118 T:XF-63?/24 GS:H333 X:X5 Hu:123
641 RAF Dk Green, -1975 (semi-gloss bluish) FS.16064   Hu:163? GS:H330? X:X1?
641 RAF Dk Green, 1975- (matt brownish) FS.34079  Hu:163? T:XF-27 GS:H330 X:X1?
642 Night black              X:X12
BS 2660:4-049 Hemp            FS.30450?? (early variant?) T:XF-57?
BS 4800:10-B-21 Hemp                     Hu:168 GS:H336 X:X16 T:XF-57?
BS 4800:18-B-21 Barley Grey     Now known as 626 Camouflage Grey
BS 4800:12-B-25 Lichen green                            X:X24
BS 4800:2-B-53  Matt black
Desert pink (1991-92)           FS.30279 P:PCA826/810? Hu:250 GS:H346? X:X31

BS 638/641 (early, semigloss) /627      Early Harriers
BS 638/641 (late) wraparound            Jaguar, Harrier GR.3, Tornado GR.1
Nato Green/Lichen Green                 Harrier GR.5/7
BS 637/626      Buccaneer S.2B, Hawk
BS 637/626/627  Phantom FGR.2 air superiority scheme
BS 637          Hercules
BS 626          Tornado F.3, Sentry


Date: 21 Apr 95 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 12/20: USA, WW2 and modern

ANA 603 Sea Grey (neutral) FS.36118 P:PCA809 T:XF-24 GS:H305 Hu:125 T/MM:1723
ANA 606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue    FS.25042
ANA 607 Non-Specular Sea Blue  FS.35045  P:PCA803 X:X121 Hu:181 T:X-03 GS:H35
ANA 608 Intermediate Blue      FS.35164  P:PCA804 X:X125 Hu:144 GS:H42 T/MM:1720
ANA 609 Azure Blue      FS.35231  P:PCA813 T:X-14?
ANA 611 Interior Green  FS.24151  P:PCA802 T:XF-04?
ANA 613 Olive Drab      FS.X34087(the old) P:PCA808 T:XF-62?
ANA 616 Sand (desert pink) FS.30279  P:PCA812/810 T:XF-59? Hu:250 GS:346
ANA 621 Dark Gull Grey  FS.36231 P:PCA807 T:XF-54 Hu:140 GS:H57 X:X131 T/MM:1740
        army olive drab FS.34087?(darker+more green) P:PCA801 T:XF-58?
        sea green       (FS.x4058)  P:PCA811 T:XF-17

USAF 1964-
TAC Standard    FS.30219/34102/34079/36622      1960s-70s
TAC SEA         FS.30219/34102/34079/17038      1960s-70s (F-111)
SAC Standard    FS.34201/34159/34079/17875      1960s-70s (FB-111)
SAC SEA         FS.34201/34159/34079/17038      1960s-70s
Strategic       FS.36118/34086/36081            1980s- FB-111, B-1B
Asia Minor      FS.20400/30140/34079/36622      Not used
European I      FS.36081/34102/34092            1980s-
European I      FS.36081/34102/34079            unique for F-4s
European I MAC  FS.36118/34102/34092            1980s- C-141, C-5, C-130
AMC Proud Gray  FS.26173                        1991-  C-141, C-5, C-130
"B-52"          FS.36081 some noses w/ SAC standard, some overall before 36118
Gunship Gray    FS.36118                AC-130, F-15E, F111, B-1B, B-52
Shamu           FS.36081/16473          KC-10  KC-135
Dark Ghost Gray FS.36320                KC-10, KC-135
Asia Minor      FS.30266/33722/35526    C-130   Only a few
"European"      FS.34079/36081          A-7
"Gray"          FS.26270/26118          A-7
Hill Gray II    FS.26118/26270          RF-4, F-4
"Gray"          FS.36320/36492          EC-130, EF-111
Ghost Gray      FS.36320/36375          F-15
Mod Eagle       FS.37176/36251          PACAF (Hawaii, Alaska, Japan) F-15s
"Gray"          FS.36118/36270/36375    F-16
Lt Ghost Gray   FS.36375                Air-to-air missiles (used to be white)
                FS.36231                Common fighter interiour colour

British colours FS.16064/16173/16440    Early Harriers
Green/Gray      FS.34064/36099          AV-8A
HTPS            FS.36118/36231/36320    AV-8B


Date: 14 Jun 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 13/20: Gunze Sangyo

Gunze Sangyo acrylics, given as "black numbers in white boxes".
The "Mr Color" range "white numbers in black boxes", does not always match!


GS:H1 Gloss White             Hu:22 T:X-2
GS:H2 Gloss Black             Hu:21 T:X-1
GS:H3 Gloss Red               Hu:19 Rev:31 T:X-7
GS:H4 Gloss Yellow            Hu:69 T:X-8
GS:H5 Gloss Blue              Hu:15? Rev:52? T:X-3
GS:H6 Gloss Green             Hu:3 T:X-5
GS:H7 Gloss Brown             Hu:10/9 T:X-9
GS:H8 Silver                  Hu:11 T:X-11/XF-16
  Warning: When Hasegawa says 'H8', they often actually mean 'Light grey'!
GS:H9 Gold                    Hu:16 T:X-12
GS:H10 Copper                 Hu:12 T:XF-6
GS:H11 Flat White             Hu:34 P:11? T:XF-2
GS:H12 Flat Black             Hu:33 P:10 T:X-18/XF-1
GS:H13 Flat Red               Hu:73 T:XF-7/XF-9?
GS:H14 Gloss Orange           Hu:18 T:X-6
GS:H15 Gloss Bright Blue      Hu:14 T:X-4
GS:H16 Yellow Green           Hu:38 Rev:60 T:X-15
GS:H17 Cocoa Brown (gloss)    Hu:10
GS:H18 Steel                  Rev:91
GS:H19 Pink                   Hu:200 T:X-17
GS:H20 Flat Varnish           Hu:49
GS:H21 Off White              Hu:41?
GS:H22 Gloss Dark grey        Hu:5
GS:H23 Gloss Shine Red        Hu:60 T:X-7
GS:H24 Orange Yellow
GS:H25 Sky Blue               Hu:48 T:X-14
GS:H26 Mid Green              Hu:2 Rev:61
GS:H27 Tan                    Hu:9
GS:H28 Metallic Black         Hu:201
GS:H29 Salmon Pink (gloss)
GS:H30 Gloss Varnish          Hu:35
GS:H31 White Green (gloss)    Hu:90
GS:H32 Field Grey (gloss)     Hu:67?
GS:H33 Russet (gloss)         Hu:133?
GS:H34 Cream Yellow
GS:H35 Cobalt Blue            Rev:53 Blue RAL 5013  Hu:198?
GS:H36 Dark Green (gloss)     Hu:75 T:XF-11
GS:H37 Wood Brown (gloss)     Hu:110?/10
GS:H38 Steel Red              Rust + Silver/Hu:53? /T:X-10
GS:H39 Metallic Gloss Purple  Hu:68 T:X-16
GS:H40 Flat Base              mix in paints to make it flat
GS:H41 Pale Green (gloss)     Hu:65*1+Hu:90*1
GS:H42 Blue Grey (gloss)      Hu:144 FS.35164
GS:H43 Wine Red               Hu:20 Rev:32
GS:H44 Flesh                  Hu:61 Rev:35 T:XF-15
GS:H45 Light Blue (gloss)     Hu:47 Rev:50
GS:H46 Emerald Green (gloss)  Hu:2? Rev:364
GS:H47 Red Brown (gloss?)     Hu:160?
GS:H48 Field Grey 11          Hu:111?
GS:H49 Violet (met. gloss)    Hu:68? T:X-16  with a touch of silver
GS:H50 Lime Green (gloss)     not quite Hu:38 T:X-15
GS:H51 Light Gull Grey        Hu:183? FS.16440 (but more gloss)
GS:H52 Olive drab (semigloss) Hu:155 P:52?
GS:H53 Neutral Grey           Hu:128
GS:H54 Navy Blue (semigloss)  Hu:77?
GS:H55 Midnight Blue (gloss)  Hu:15/104? T:X-3
GS:H56 Intermediate Blue      Hu:144(25,79,96,134) T:XF-18
GS:H57 Aircraft Grey (gloss)  Hu:147(140) FS.36231 P:PCA824
GS:H58 Interior Green (gloss) Hu:151/158? P:PCA802?/821?/833?
GS:H59 IJN Green (gloss)      T:XF-11 P:PCJ91 X:353
GS:H60 IJA Green (semigloss)  T:XF-13 P:PCJ91 X:X351
GS:H61 IJN Light Grey (gloss) Hu:146 X:X354 T:XF-12
GS:H62 IJA Light Grey (semigloss)  T:XF-14 X:X352
GS:H63 Metallic Blue-green         interiour colour X:X355 T:X-13
GS:H64 RLM Dark Green 71 (semigloss) Hu:116 T:XF-61
GS:H65 RLM Dark Green 70             Hu:91? T:XF-13 Rev:363?
GS:H66 RLM Sand Brown 79 (semigloss) Hu:62 X:X224/X209? P:PCG708
GS:H67 RLM Light Blue 65 (semigloss) Hu:65/122? T:XF-23 P:PCG701 X:X202
GS:H68 RLM Dark Grey 74 (semigloss)  Hu:27 P:PCG84 X:X206 T:XF-63?(+slate grey?)
GS:H69 RLM Mid Grey 75               P:PCG707 X:X207 T:XF-54?(+khaki drab?)
GS:H70 RLM Grey 02 (semigloss)       Hu:92 P:PCG83 T:XF-22 X:X201
GS:H71 Middle Stone (semigloss)         Hu:84 T:XF-60
GS:H72 Dark Earth (semigloss)           Hu:29 T:XF-52
GS:H73 Dark Green (semigloss)           Hu:30 T:XF-61
GS:H74 Sky Duck Egg Green (semigloss)   Hu:23 T:XF-21
GS:H75 Dark Sea Gray (semigloss)        Hu:27 T:XF-54
GS:H76 Burnt Iron               Hu:53 T:X-10
GS:H77 Tyre Black               T:XF-1 Hu:33 Rev:9 Anthracite, ultra-dark grey
GS:H78 Olive Drab 2 (semigloss) T:XF-62 Hu:66
GS:H79 Sand Yellow (dark) (semigloss) Hu:93
GS:H80 Khaki Green                    Hu:159? T:XF-51?
GS:H81 Khaki                          Hu:26 T:XF-49
GS:H82 Dark Grey (semigloss) Hu:156? T:XF-53?
GS:H83 Dark Grey (semigloss) Hu:123? (Japanese naval subjects) T:XF-57
GS:H84 Mahogny (semigloss)   Hu:10? T:X-9 /any gloss brown
GS:H85 Sail Colour           Hu:71? Satin oak, cream coloured leather
GS:H86 Red Madder         Dark Reddish-Purple. brighter than Hu:107 WW1 Purple?
GS:H87 Metallic Red          Hu:51 Rev:399
GS:H88 Metallic Blue         Hu:52 T:X-13
GS:H89 Metallic Green        Hu:50
GS:H90 Clear Red             transparent colour from Tamiya Acrylic Range or
GS:H91 Clear Yellow                Humbrol "Clear Colour" range
GS:H92 Clear Orange          - '' -
GS:H93 Clear Blue            - '' -
GS:H94 Clear Green           - '' -
GS:H95 Smoke Grey (gloss)    Hu:147 Matt Light Grey (Israeli)
GS:H96 Smoke Blue (gloss)    Pale version of Hu:65 (+50% White?)
GS:H97 Fluoroscent Yellow  Hu:194/204 Fluoroscent Saturn Yellow over white base
GS:H98 Fluoroscent Orange    Hu:205/209 Fluoroscent fire Orange over white base
GS:H99 Fluoroscent Pink      Hu:202/207 Fluoroscent Aurora Pink over white base
GS:H100 Fluoroscent Green    Hu:203/208 Fluoroscent Signal Green
GS:H301 FS.36081 Dk Grey     Hu:32 P:500014 T:XF-63
GS:H302 FS.34092 Dk Green    Hu:149 T:XF-61
GS:H303 FS.34102 Dk Green    Hu:117 P:500815 T:XF-27 Almost olive drab
GS:H304 FS.34087 Olive Drab  Hu:155 T:XF-62
GS:H305 FS.36118 Dk Grey     Hu:125 T:XF-24 P:500822
GS:H306 FS.36270 Mid Grey    Hu:126 T:XF-25? X:X133
GS:H307 FS.36320 Grey        Hu:128 T:XF-53 P:PCA837
GS:H308 FS.36375 Light Grey  Hu:127 T:XF-53? P:500836 X:X136
GS:H309 FS.34079 Green       Hu:116 T:XF-61 P:500814
GS:H310 FS.30219 Brown       Hu:119, Israeli AF/Hu:118 Matt US Tan T:XF-52
GS:H311 FS.36622 Grey        Hu:28 T:XF-19
GS:H312 FS.34227 Green       Hu:120 Israeli colour
GS:H313 FS.33531 Brown       Hu:121 T:XF-57 Israeli AF P:PCI875
GS:H314 FS.35622 Blue        Hu:122 Israeli P:PCI877 T:XF-12? (lighter)
GS:H315 FS.16440 Light Grey  Hu:183 T:XF-20
GS:H316 FS.17875 Gloss White Hu:22 T:X-2
GS:H317 FS.36231 Grey        Hu:140 T:XF-54 P:PCA824/807?
GS:H318 FS.33613 Radome      Hu:148 Radome Tan
GS:H319 Light Green (matt)   Hu:117? US Light Green P:PG520
S:H320 Dark Green (semigloss) Hu:172?/Hu:30 T:XF-61?
GS:H321 Light Brown (semigloss)
GS:H322 Cyan Blue (gloss)
GS:H323 Light Blue (gloss)        FS.35526
GS:H324 Light Grey (matt)         FS.36307
GS:H325 FS.36440 Light Grey       Hu:129 P:PCA825 T:XF-20
GS:H326 FS.15044 Blue             Hu:189
GS:H327 FS.11136 Red              Hu:153 P:20? T:XF-07
GS:H328 FS.15050 Blue             Hu:190
GS:H329 FS.13538 Yellow           Hu:188
GS:H330?RAF Dk Green BS 641 -1975?  Hu:163 (semi-gloss bluish)
GS:H330?RAF Dk Green BS 641 1975-?  Hu:163 Rev:46 Nato Green (matt brownish)
GS:H331?RAF Dk Sea Grey BS 638 (semigloss) Hu:164/125? FS.36118
GS:H331?RAF Dk Sea Grey BS 638 (matt)      Hu:164/125?/127?
GS:H332 RAF Light Aircraft Grey BS 627     Hu:166 T:XF-20
GS:H333 RN Extra Dk Sea Grey BS 640        Hu:123
GS:H334 RAF Barley Grey BS4800/18B21       Hu:167
GS:H335 RAF Medium Sea Grey                Hu:165
GS:H336 RAF Hemp BS 4800 18/B21            Hu:168 P:PF62?
GS:H337 FS.35237 Blue-Grey (very matt)     Hu:145 P:PCA817
GS:H338 FS.36495 Grey                      Hu:147
GS:H340 FS.34097 Marine Green              Hu:105
GS:H341 Mud (weathering)
GS:H342 Oil (gloss) (weathering)
GS:H343 Soot (weathering)  Hu:33 Black? T:XF-1 FS.37038
GS:H344 Rust (weathering)               Hu:113 Rust
GS:H345 Rough Gray (matt) (weathering)
GS:H346 Rough Sand (matt (weathering)   Hu:93 FS.30279 Hu:250


Date: 18 Oct 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 14/20: Heller

7nnn = flat, 9nnn = gloss

                Heller  Humbrol         Heller  Humbrol
Gris amiral     9001    5(125/126)      7001    27(5/125/126)
Jaune vif       9002    69(24/99)       7002    99(24)
Rouge Vermilion 9003    19(132)         7003    60(132)
Vert            9004    2(131)          7004    101(80)
Blanc           9005    22(130)         7005    34(130)
Bleu            9006    15              7006    104(25)
Or              9007    16             (7007    16)
Alu             9008    11(56)          7008    56(11)
Bronze          9009    12(54/55)       7009    55(12/54)
Noir            9010    21(85)          7010    33(85)
Bordeaux        9011    20              7011    73(70/100)
Bois clair      9012    7               7012    63(94)
Vert arm`e     (9013 30/76/78/80/86/102)7013    102(30/76/78/80/86)
Kaki           (9014    29/83/84)       7014    84(29/83)
Orange          9015    18              7015    82
Bois fonc`      9016    10              7016    98
Chaudron       (9017    70/73/100)      7017    100(70/73)
Rose clair     (9018    61)             7018    61
Bleu azur       9019    47              7019    89
Gris perle      9020    40(127/128/129) 7020    64(40/127/128/129)
Vert Nil        9021    38              7021    90
Lilas           9022    3*34+1*68       7023    3*34+1*68
CrÅ me           9023    71              7023    103
Bleu Roi        9024    14              7024    25(104)
Terre br–l`e    9026    133(70/73/100)  7026    70(73/100/133)
Jaune tournesol 9027    69              7027    24
Sable fonc`    (9028    26/63/93)       7028    93(26/63)
Bleu anthracite 9029    134(77/79)      7029    77(79)
Olive           9030    123(91)         7030    91(123)
Kaki-combat    (9031    72/84)          7031    72(84)
Terre          (9060    29/84)          7060    29(84)
Vert uniforme   9061    3               7061    76(30/78/80/86/102)
Bleu p`trole   (9062    96/124)         7062    87?/124/96
Vert acier     (9063    76/86/102)      7063    86(76/102)
Bleu clair aviation  9064    122(65)    7064    65
Ocre camouflage 9065    9               7065    62(70/113)
Bleu fonc` KLM  9066
Bleu clair KLM  9067
Acier                                   7070    53
                9000    matt varnish


Date: 14 Jun 92 01:00:00 GMT, updated 1995 Nov 13
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 15/20: Humbrol

GS:Hnnn = Gunze Sanyo acrylics; T:X/XF-nn = Tamiya acrylics; X:Xnnn = Xtracolor;
P:nnnnnn = Polly S; Hu:nnn = Humbrol; T/MM:nnnn = Testors/Model Master
Note: Gloss/matt often substitute for each other
99*x+00*y = Mix x parts 99 + y parts 00 (very approximate)

Humbrol enamels


Hu:002 Emerald Green         GS:H26/46 Rev:61
Hu:003 Brunswick Green       GS:H6 T:X-5
Hu:005 Dark Admirality grey  GS:H22
Hu:007 Light Buff
Hu:009 Tan                   GS:H27
Hu:010 Service Brown         GS:H7/17/37 T:X-9
Hu:011 Silver                T:XF-16 GS:H8
Hu:012 Copper                GS:H10 T:XF-6
Hu:014 French blue           GS:H15 T:X-4
Hu:015 Midnight Blue         GS:H5/55 Rev:52? T:X-3
Hu:016 Gold                  GS:H9 T:X-12
Hu:018 Orange                GS:H14 T:X-6
Hu:019 Bright red            GS:H3 T:X-7
Hu:020 Crimson               GS:H43 Rev:32
Hu:021 Gloss Black      FS.17038  GS:H12/2 T:X-1
Hu:022 Gloss White      FS.17875  GS:H1/H316 T:X-2 X:X141
Hu:023 Duck egg blue       X:X7 GS:74  P:PCE71
Hu:024 Trainer yellow
Hu:025 Blue                GS:H56? T:XF-8
Hu:026 Khaki               GS:H81 Y:XF-49
Hu:027 Sea Grey            GS:H68/75 P:PCG84 T:XF-54 X:X206 RLM 74
Hu:028 Camouflage Grey  FS.36622        GS:H311? T:XF-55
Hu:029 Dark Earth               P:PCE76 T:XF-52 GS:H72 X:X2
Hu:030 Dark Green         GS:H73/320 T:XF-61 P:PCE75/PCG87? X:X205/X114?
Hu:031 Slate Grey
Hu:032 Dark grey        FS.36081 X:X129 P:500014 GS:H301 Hu:32
Hu:033 Black            FS.37038 GS:H12/77/343 P:10 T:XF-1
Hu:034 Flat White       FS.37875 GS:H11 P:11? T:XF-2
Hu:035 Clear            GS:30
Hu:038 Lime             GS:H16/50 Rev:60 T:X-15
Hu:040 Pale Grey
Hu:041 Ivory            GS:H21?
Hu:047 Sea Blue         GS:H45 Rev:50
Hu:048 Mediterranian blue GS:H25 T:X-14
Hu:049 Matt varnish       GS:H20
Hu:050 Green mist         GS:H89
Hu:051 Sunset Red         GS:H87 Rev:399
Hu:052 Baltic Blue        GS:H88 T:X-13
Hu:053 Gunmetal           GS:H76 T:X-10
Hu:054 Brass
Hu:055 Bronze
Hu:056 Aluminium          T:XF-56
Hu:060 Matt Scarlet       GS:H23 P:20? T:XF-7
Hu:061 Matt Flesh         GS:H44 Rev:35 T:XF-15
Hu:062 Leather            GS:H66 X:X224 RLM 79
Hu:063 Sand               T:XF-59
Hu:064 Light grey         P:PCA806? T:XF-19
Hu:065 Aircraft Blue      T:XF-23 GS:H67 P:PCG701 X:X202 RLM 65
Hu:066 Matt Olive Drab    GS:H78 T:XF-62 FS.34087? X:X111
Hu:067 Matt Tank Grey     GS:H32?
Hu:068 Purple             GS:H39 T:X-16
Hu:069 Yellow             GS:H4 T:X-8
Hu:070 Brick Red          P:21
Hu:071 Oak                GS:H85?
Hu:072 Khaki Drill
Hu:073 Wine               T:XF-9 GS:13
Hu:074 Linen
Hu:075 Matt Bronze Green  GS:H36 T:XF-11
Hu:076 Uniform Green
Hu:077 Matt Navy Blue     GS:H54?
Hu:078 Cockpit Green    FS.34226? P:PCA801
Hu:079 Blue Grey
Hu:080 Grass Green
Hu:081 Pale yellow      T:XF-4
Hu:082 Orange Lining
Hu:083 Ochre            T:XF-57
Hu:084 Matt Mid Stone   GS:H71 T:XF-60 X:X9 P:PCE73
Hu:085 Coal Black               FS.27038 GS:H12? T:X-18
Hu:086 Light Olive
Hu:087 Steel grey       T:XF-25
Hu:088 Deck Green
Hu:089 Middle Blue
Hu:090 Beige Green      T:XF-21 GS:H31
Hu:091 Matt Black Green GS:H65? T:XF-27 P:PCG86 X:X204 RLM 70
Hu:092 Matt Iron Grey   GS:H70 P:PCG83 T:XF-22
Hu:093 Desert Yellow    GS:H79/346
Hu:094 Brown Yellow
Hu:095 Concrete
Hu:096 RAF Blue         T:XF-50
Hu:097 EggShell         P:PCA817 GS:H311 X:X140
Hu:098 Chocolate        T:XF-10
Hu:099 Lemon Yellow     T:XF-3
Hu:100 Red Brown
Hu:101 Mid Green        T:XF-5
Hu:102 Army Green
Hu:103 Cream
Hu:104 Matt Oxford Blue GS:H55 T:XF-17
Hu:105 Marine Green             FS.34097 X:X115 GS:H340 P:PF53
Hu:106 Ocean Grey
Hu:107 WW1 Purple        GS:H86?
Hu:108 WW1 Green         T:XF-51
Hu:109 WW1 Blue
Hu:110 Matt Natural Wood GS:H37
Hu:111 Matt Uniform Grey GS:H48
Hu:112 Tarmac            T:XF-24
Hu:113 Matt Rust         GS:H344
Hu:114 Russian Green
Hu:115 Russian Blue
Hu:116 Matt US Dark Green  FS.34079 GS:H309/64 P:500814 T:XF-13 RLM 71
Hu:117 US Light Green      FS.34102 X:X116 P:500815 GS:H303
Hu:118 US Tan              FS.30219 P:PCA816 X:X102 T:XF-52? GS:H310
Hu:119 Israeli Light Earth FS.30219 P:PCI816/874? X:X102 T:XF-52? GS:H310
Hu:120 Israeli Light Green FS.34227 GS:H312 P:PCI876 X:X148
Hu:121 Israeli Pale Stone  FS.33531 P:PCI875 GS:H313 X:X105
Hu:122 Israeli Light Blue  FS.35622 P:PCI877 GS:H314 X:X149
Hu:123 Dark Sea Grey               GS:H333/335 T:XF-57
Hu:124 Petrol Blue
Hu:125 Satin US Dark Grey  FS.36118 GS:H305 P:500822
Hu:126 Satin US Medium Grey FS.36270 GS:H306 T:XF-20 X:X133
Hu:127 US Ghost Gray       FS.36375 X:X136 GS:H308 P:500836 GS:H331?
Hu:128 US Compass Grey     FS.36320 GS:H307/53 P:PCA837 X:X135
Hu:129 US Gull Grey        FS.36440 GS:H325 P:PCA825
Hu:130 Satin White         FS.27875 GS:H11 P:11? T:XF-2?
Hu:131 Satin Green
Hu:132 Satin Red
Hu:133 Satin Brown      GS:H33
Hu:134 Satin Blue
Hu:135 Satin varnish
Hu:140 Dk Gull Gray        FS.36231 GS:H317 P:PCA824/807?
Hu:141 Light Sea Grey      FS.36307 X:X134
Hu:142 Field Drab          FS.30118 P:PCA830 X:X101 P:60?
Hu:144 Intermediate Blue   FS.35164       X:X125 GS:H42/56
Hu:145 Medium Grey         FS.35237 X:X126 GS:H337 P:PCA817
Hu:146 Aircraft Gray       FS.16473 X:X138/353 GS:H61 P:PCJ90?
Hu:147 Matt Light Grey     FS.36495 GS:H57/338 T:XF-14
Hu:148 Radome Tan          FS.33613 GS:H318 X:X107
Hu:149 Dark Green          FS.34092 X:X114 P:50?/PCG862 GS:H302 T:XF-26
Hu:150 Forest Green        FS.34127
Hu:151 Interior Green      FS.34151 X:X117 Hu:151 GS:H58 P:PCA821/833
Hu:153 Insignia Red        FS.31136 GS:H327 P:20?
Hu:154 Insignia Yellow     FS.33538 GS:329 X:X106
Hu:155 Olive Drab          FS.34087 X:X111 GS:H52/304 P:52? T:XF-62? P:PCA832/(819)
Hu:156 Satin Dark Grey     FS.36173? GS:H82? T:XF-53? P:PCA823? (new formulation)
Hu:157 Azure Blue
Hu:158 Interior Green   GS:H58? P:PCA802?/821?/833?
Hu:159 Khaki Drab       GS:H80 T:XF-51?
Hu:160 German Camouflage Red Brown      GS:H47
Hu:161 US Marine Corps Green
Hu:162 Surface grey             FS.36559?
Hu:163 Dark Green               BS 641 GS:H330 X:X1?
Hu:164 Dark Sea Grey            BS 638 FS.36118? GS:H331
Hu:165 Medium Sea Grey          BS 637 RAF GS:H335 X:X3
Hu:166 RAF Light Aircraft Grey  BS 627  GS:H332 X:X15
Hu:167 RAF Barley Grey          18-B-21/BS 4800 GS:H334 X:X17
Hu:168 RAF Hemp                 10-B-21/BS 4800 GS:H336 X:X16
Hu:172 Green                            GS:H320 T:XF-61?
Hu:173 Track Colour
Hu:174 Signal Red                       GS:H29
Hu:175 Hellgrau RLM 76
Hu:176 Neutral Grey Light Grey
Hu:177 Hull Red
Hu:178 British Scarlet
Hu:179 French Artillery Green
Hu:180 Red Leather
Hu:181 Sea blue            FS.15042 X:X121
Hu:182 Black Grey          FS.35042
Hu:183 Grey                FS.16440 GS:H315 X:X137  (MiG-29)
Hu:184 Freigh Stock Grey
Hu:186 Brown               FS.30117 P:PCA/500829
Hu:187 Sand                FS.30277  P:PCA827
Hu:188 Crome Yellow        FS.13538  GS:H329
Hu:189 Insignia blue       FS.35044  X:X122 GS:H326
Hu:190 Blue Angels blue    FS.15050  X:X123 GS:H328
Hu:191 Chrome Silver       FS.17178  X:X142
Hu:192 Blaze Matt          FS.28915
Hu:193 Blaze Gloss
Hu:194 Saturn Yellow Gloss         GS:H97
Hu:195 Dark Green
Hu:196 Light Grey
Hu:197 Lufthansa Yellow
Hu:198 Lufthansa Blue          GS:H35? Rev:53 Blue RAL 5013
Hu:200 Pink                    GS:H19 T:X-17
Hu:201 Metallic Black          GS:H28
Hu:202 Fluoroscent Aurora Pink GS:H99
Hu:203 Fluoroscent Signal Green GS:H100
Hu:204 Fluoroscent Matt Saturn Yellow   GS:H97
Hu:205 Fluoroscent Matt Fire Orange     GS:H98
Hu:206 Base White (with the flouroscents) GS:H40
Hu:207 Aurora Pink      GS:H99
Hu:208 Signal Green
Hu:209 Fire Orange      GS:H98
Hu:250 Desert Pink      FS.30279 P:PCA826 GS:346?


Date: 29 Sep 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 16/20: Tamiya

Those with an '%' I have checked against the FS.595a or 595B standard.
'?' means poor match.

  Tamiya acrylics        FS.595a/B             Usage
% T:X-01 Black           FS.17038
% T:X-02 White           FS.17875
% T:X-03 Royal Blue      FS.x5050/x5045?
% T:X-04 Blue            FS.x5056
% T:X-05 Green           FS.14062
  T:X-06 Orange          FS.x2160
  T:X-07 Red             FS.x1105
% T:X-08 Lemon Yellow    FS.x3655
% T:X-09 Brown           FS.x0111
% T:X-10 Gun Metal
% T:X-11 Chrome Silver
% T:X-12 Gold Leaf
% T:X-13 Metallic Blue   (FS.x5177?)      Japanse aircraft interiours
% T:X-14 Sky Blue        FS.15200/x5187?
% T:X-15 Light Green     (no FS is close) Very light and bright
% T:X-16 Purple          FS.x7100?
  T:X-17 Pink            FS.x1630
% T:X-18 Semigloss Black FS.27038
% T:X-19 Smoke           (sort of dark grey wash)
. T:X-20A Thinner
  T:X-21 Flat Base
. T:X-22 Clear
% T:X-23 Clear Blue      Transparent
  T:X-24 Clear Yellow    Transparent
  T:X-25 Clear Green     Transparent
% T:X-26 Clear Orange    Transparent
% T:X-27 Clear Red       Transparent
  T:X-28 Park Green      FS.24190/14193
  T:XF-01 Flat Black     FS.37038
% T:XF-02 Flat White     FS.37875
  T:XF-03 Flat Yellow    FS.x3655
% T:XF-04 Yellow Green   FS.34259/x3481?        Good Zinc Chromate Primer
  T:XF-05 Flat Green     FS.x4230
% T:XF-06 Copper
% T:XF-07 Flat Red       FS.x1136
  T:XF-08 Flat Blue      FS.x5183
% T:XF-09 Hull Red       FS.10075/20061
  T:XF-10 Flat Brown     FS.x0045
% T:XF-11 Green          FS.x4077               Japanese Navy (blueish)
% T:XF-12 Grey           FS.x6496               Japanese Navy
% T:XF-13 Green          FS.x4052/x4086?  RLM 70 / Japanese Army (brownish)
% T:XF-14 Grey           FS.x4417               Japanese Army
  T:XF-15 Flesh          FS.x2648
% T:XF-16 Aluminium      FS.x7178
% T:XF-17 Sea Blue       FS.x4058/x5044?        greenish
% T:XF-18 Medium Blue    FS.x5177/x5164?
% T:XF-19 Sky Grey       FS.x6622/26493?/36440?
% T:XF-20 Medium Grey    FS.36440/x6424?
% T:XF-21 Sky            FS.x4554/34424?        Sky
% T:XF-22 RLM Grey       FS.x6165               RLM 02
% T:XF-23 Light Blue     FS.x5414/25526?        RLM 65
% T:XF-24 Dark Grey      FS.36118/x6132/x6152?  Extra Dk.Sea Grey
% T:XF-25 Light Sea Grey FS.x6314/36373?        RLM 63
% T:XF-26 Deep Green     FS.x4128
% T:XF-27 Black Green    FS.34079?              Extra Dk.Sea Green
% T:XF-49 Khaki          FS.30277/24201?/33440?
% T:XF-50 Field Blue     FS.x6099
% T:XF-51 Khaki Drab     FS.34088?
% T:XF-52 Flat Earth     FS.30219/x0118?        RAF Dark Earth
% T:XF-53 Neutral Grey   FS.36320/x6270?               Medium Sea Grey
% T:XF-54 Dark Sea Grey  FS.36231      RLM 75? / Ocean Grey /Dk Sea Grey
% T:XF-55 Deck Tan       FS.36521/26424?/26405?
% T:XF-56 Metallic Grey
% T:XF-57 Buff           FS.33531/30450?        Japanese Naval subjects?
% T:XF-58 Olive Green    FS.x4097
% T:XF-59 Desert Yellow  FS.x0257               Light Earth
% T:XF-60 Dark Yellow    FS.30266/x3448? German armour?  Middlestone
% T:XF-61 Dark Green     FS.34096/34082?        RLM 71 /  RAF Dark Green
% T:XF-62 Olive Drab     FS.x4086/34087?        RLM 81?
% T:XF-63 German Grey    FS.x6076/36081?        RLM 74? / German armour?
% T:XF-64 Red Brown      FS.x0108               German armour?
% T:XF-65 Field Grey     FS.x4159               RLM 62 / Lt.Slate Grey
% T:XF-66 Light Grey     FS.x6329/36473?        RLM 76?


Date: 28 Jun 94 17:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 17/20: Xtracolor

X:X001?   BS 641 RAF Dk Green -1975       semi-gloss bluish
X:X001?   BS 641 RAF Dk Green 1975-       matt brownish
X:X002    BS 450 Dark Earth (WW2)
X:X003    BS 637 RAF Medium Sea Grey
X:X004?   BS 638 RAF Dk Sea Grey early    semigloss
X:X004?   BS 638 RAF Dk Sea Grey late     matt
X:X005    BS 640 RN Extra Dk Sea Grey
X:X006    Ocean grey
X:X007    BS 210 Sky
X:X008    BS 636 PRU Blue
X:X009    Middle stone
X:X010    BS 283 Aircraft grey/green
X:X011    Trainer yellow
X:X012    BS 642 Night black
X:X013    BS 633 Blue/grey
X:X014    BS 537 Red Arrows red
X:X015    BS 627 Light Aircraft Grey
X:X016    10-B-21/BS 4800 RAF Hemp
X:X017    18-B-21/BS 4800 RAF Barley Grey
X:X018    BS 285 NATO green
X:X019    BS 356 Rescue yellow
X:X020    NIVO (Night Invisible Varnish Orfordness) WW1
X:X021    RFC doped natural fabric
X:X022    RFC green
X:X023    BS 105 Oxford blue
X:X024    12-B-25/BS 4800 Lichen green
X:X025    Dark slate grey
X:X026    RAF azure blue
X:X027    BS 220 Army helicopter olive
X:X028    BS 298 RN helo olivedrab
X:X029    BS 361 Light stone
X:X030    BS 110 Roundel blue
X:X031    RAF desert pink (modern) FS.30279
X:X033    Mixed green 31 Sqdn
X:X034    RAF PRU Pink
X:X035    RAF PRU Mauve

X:X101    FS.10118  Earth
X:X102    FS.10219  Tan Vietnam
X:X103    FS.11136  Insignia Red
X:X104    FS.12197  Inter. Orange
X:X105    FS.13531  Matt Pale Stone
X:X106    FS.13538  InsigniaYellow
X:X107    FS.13613  Radome Tan
X:X108    FS.13655  Blue Angels Yellow
X:X109    FS.14052  Marine Corps Green
X:X110    FS.14079  Forest Green
X:X111    FS.14087  Olive Drab
X:X112    Olive Drab  ANA 613
X:X113    Faded olive drab
X:X114    FS.14092  Medium Green
X:X115    FS.14097  Field Green
X:X116    FS.14102  Olive Green
X:X117    FS.14151  Interior Green
X:X118    FS.14159  SAC blue/green
X:X119    FS.14201  SAC tan/brown
X:X120    FS.14258  Cockpit Green
X:X121    FS.15042  Sea blue
X:X122    FS.15044  Insignia blue
X:X123    FS.15050  Blue Angels blue
X:X124    FS.15109  Blue
X:X125    FS.15164  Intermediate Blue
X:X126    FS.15237  Dk blue/grey
X:X127    FS.35414  Blue
X:X128    FS.16076  Engine grey
X:X129    FS.16081  Dark grey
X:X130    FS.16118  Gunship Gray
X:X131    FS.16231  Dk Gull Grey
X:X132    FS.16251  Medium grey
X:X133    FS.16270  Neutral grey
X:X134    FS.16307  Grey
X:X135    FS.16320  Dark compass grey
X:X136    FS.16320  Light compass grey
X:X137    FS.16440  Lt Gull Gray
X:X138    FS.16473  ADC Grey
X:X140    FS.16622  Light Gray
X:X141    FS.17875  Gloss White
X:X142    FS.17178  Chrome Silver
X:X143    FS.16314  Flint grey
X:X144    FS.14086  Dark green
X:X145    FS.20400  Tan
X:X146    FS.15183  Bright blue
X:X147    FS.16492  Light grey
X:X148    FS.14227  Light Green
X:X149    FS.15622  Israeli Light Blue
X:X150    FS.16515  Canadian Voodoo grey
X:X151    FS.14187  Willow green
X:X152    FS.14031  US helo drab
X:X155    FS.14091  Dark green
X:X157    FS.16176  Dk grey F-15
X:X158    FS.33446  Sand
X:X159              F-15E Strike Eagle interiour blue/green

X:X201    RLM 02 Grau
X:X202    RLM 65 Hellblau
X:X203    RLM 66 Schwartzgrau
X:X204    RLM 70 Schwartzgrun
X:X205    RLM 71 Dunkelgrun
X:X206    RLM 74 Graugrun
X:X207    RLM 75 Grauviolett
X:X208    RLM 76 Lichtblau
X:X209    RLM 79 Sandgelb
X:X210    RLM 81 Braunviolett
X:X211    RLM 82 Dunkel?grun
X:X212    RLM 83 Licht?grun
X:X213    RLM 04 Gelb
X:X214    RLM 78 Himmelblau
X:X215    RLM 80 Olivegrun
X:X216    RLM 01 Silver
X:X217    RLM 23 Rot
X:X218    RLM 24 Dunkelblau
X:X219    RLM 61 Dunkelbraun
X:X220    RLM 62 Grun
X:X221    RLM 63 Hellgrau
X:X222    RLM 72 Grun
X:X223    RLM 73 Grun
X:X224    RLM 79a Sandbraun
X:X241    Topside green
X:X242    Topside purple
X:X243    Underside blue

X:X251    RAL 6014 Gelboliv
X:X252    RAL 9001 Weissaluminium
X:X253    RAL 2005 Leuchtorange
X:X254    RAL 7012 Basaltgrau
X:X255    RAL 7001 Silbergrau
X:X256    RAL 7009 Grungrau
X:X257    RAL 7030 Steingrau
X:X258    RAL 7037 Staubraun
X:X259    RAL 7039 Qaurzgrau
X:X260    RAL 7035 Lichtgrau
X:X261    RAL 6003 Olivegrun
X:X262    RAL 7021 Schwartzgrun
X:X263    RAL 7023 Dunkelgrau
X:X264    RAL 5008 Graublau

X301    Boeing grey
X302    KLM light blue
X303    Federal Express blue
X304    British Airways sky
X305    Southwest Airlines desert gold

X325    DN9529 Lt Grey  Kuwaiti A-4KU
X326    DN9530 Sand     Kuwaiti A-4KU
X327    DN9531 Brown    Kuwaiti A-4KU
X328    Lt Tan          Abu Dhabi Hawk Mk.63

X:X351    Green A3
X:X352    Grey A2
X:X353    Green N1
X:X354    Grey N2
X:X355    Interior metallic blue

X375    OTAN Gris Vert Fonce
X376    OTAN Gris Bleu Fonce
X377    Bleu de Mirage
X378    Gris aluminium
X379    FAR chamois
X380    FAR sable

X401    canvas tan
X402    olive
X403    interior grey
X404    black
X405    white
X406    flesh (white)
X407    flesh (black)
X408    zinc chromate
X409    RLM 02 grau
X410    German uniform field grey

X500    Duralumin
X501    Silver
X502    Natural steel
X503    Oily steel
X504    Exhaust
X505    Tyre black
X506    Gun metal
X507    Gold
X508    Burnt iron
XDF     Flat varnish
XDS     Satin varnish (semi-gloss)
XDGG    Gloss (large)
XDFF    Flat (large)
XDSS    Satin (large)

X:X606  Light blue FS.35526

X:X800    Schwartzgru-Panzer grey
X:X801    Signalbraun
X:X802    Antracitgrau
X:X803    Grunbraun
X:X804    Khakibraun
X:X805    Dunkelgelb
X:X806    Olivgrun
X:X807    Schokoladebraun
X:X808    Afrika Korps Tan Yellow
X:X809    Afrika Korps Sand/Grey
X:X810    Israeli tank sand grey
X:X811    Russian tank green


Date: 28 May 92 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 18/20: Polly S

PC?nnn = 500nnn, it seems

Polly S Acrylics, from the range supposed to be matched to
prototype colours.

P:PCA801 army olive drab
P:PCA802 interior green
P:PCA803 sea blue n.s.
P:PCA804 non spec. intermediate blue
P:PCA807 dark gull grey
P:PCA808 olive drab
P:PCA809 neutral grey
P:PCA810 desert pink
P:PCA811 sea green
P:PCA812 sand
P:PCA813 azure
  USA modern
P:PCA800 FS.35450
P:PCA814 FS.34079
P:PCA815 FS.34102
P:PCA816 FS.30219
P:PCA817 FS.36622
P:PCA818 FS.30226
P:PCA819 FS.x34087
P:PCA820 FS.30251
P:PCA821 FS.34151
P:PCA822 FS.36118
P:PCA823 FS.36176
P:PCA824 FS.36231
P:PCA825 FS.36440
P:PCA826 FS.30279
P:PCA827 FS.30277
P:PCA828 FS.30257
P:PCA829 FS.30117
P:PCA830 FS.30118
P:PCA831 FS.30099
P:PCA832 FS.34087
P:PCA833 FS.34151
P:PCA834 FS.34102
P:PCA835 FS.34079
P:PCA836 FS.36375
P:PCA837 FS.36320

P:PCJ89   N9      violet
P:PCJ90   A/N2    grey
P:PCJ91   A3      green
P:PCJ92   N1      green
P:PCJ93   A/N14   brown
P:PCJ94   A/N21   light olive

P:PCI874 FS.30219
P:PCI875 FS.33531
P:PCI876 FS.34277
P:PCI877 FS.35622
P:PCI878 FS.35045
P:PCI879 FS.30372

  British WW2
P:PCE71   duck egg blue
P:PCE72   sky type S
P:PCE73   middlestone
P:PCE74   azure
P:PCE75   dark green
P:PCE76   dark earth

P:PCF77   light green
P:PCF78   dark blue grey
P:PCF79   khaki
P:PCF80   chocolate
P:PCF81   dark earth
P:PCF82   light blue grey

P:PCG83   RLM 02  grey
P:PCG84   RLM 74  dark grey
P:PCG85           medium blue
P:PCG86   RLM 70  black green
P:PCG87   RLM 71  dark green
P:PCG88   RLM 76  light blue
P:PCG701  RLM 65  light blue
P:PCG702  armour grey
P:PCG703  armour yellow
P:PCG704  armour dark green
P:PCG705  armour red-brown
P:PCG706  RLM 62  green
P:PCG707  RLM 75  grey-violet
P:PCG708  RLM 79  sand yellow
P:PCG709  RLM 80  olive green
P:PCG710          field grey
P:PCG711  RLM 53  light grey


Date: 18 Apr 94 18:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 19/20: Airfix to Humbrol equivalents

Airfix#  Humbrol#  Airfix Name
G1       19        Beacon Red
G2       69        Barley Yellow
G3       22        Gloss White
G4       21        Gloss Black
G5        3        Mid Green
G6       48        Mid Blue
G7       16        Gold
G8       11        Silver
G9       10        Dark Brown
G10      47        Pale Blue
G11      20        Deep Red
G12      12        Copper
G13     190        Dark Blue
G14      41        Dove Grey
G15      55        Bronze
G16      53        Middle Graphite
G17      18        Bright Orange
G18       9        Chestnut Brown
M1       70        Red Brown
M2       27        Medium Grey
M3       30        Medium Green
M4      103        Manilla
M5       26        Light Brown
M6       33        Matt Black
M7       61        Flesh
M8       90        Pale Green
M9       72        Light Beige
M10      34        Matt White
M11      25        Ocean Blue
M12      73        Dark Red
M13      64        Light Aircraft Grey
M14      63        Buff
M15      99        Bright Yellow
M16      23        Vellum
M17     117        Dull Green
M18      76        Forest Green
M19      60        Signal Red
M20      78        Aircraft Grey Green
M21      86        Olive Drab
M22      79        RAF Blue Grey
M23      62        Golden Brown
M24      95        Khaki Drill
M25      65        Light Blue
M26      80        Light Green
M27      25        Deep Blue


Date: 25 Feb 93 01:00:00 GMT
From: griffon@canit.se (Urban Fredriksson)
Subject: COLOURS FAQ, 20/20: Miscellaneous prototypes

  Gulf War 1991-1992
Bahrain F-5:  FS.36375
France:       Dark colours from the "Chad" scheme omitted.
Italy, Tornado:    Sand yellow RAL 1002, FS.10260?
Kuwait A-4:  DN 9530 Sand (FS.33448?) X:X326 T:XF-60? 
    /DN 9531 Grey-greenish Tan X:327 /DN 9529 Lt grey, (FS.36307?) X:X325
  Mirage F1: Y 3251 Sable-jaune clair (tan FS.30219) /Y 1280 Beige-verdatre
     fonce (greenish sand, darker than FS.33303) /Y 1290 Beige-gris verdatre
     (lt grey near FS.26408)
   or:  Y 1625 Gris/bleu moyen clair (blue-grey FS.36300)/lt. grey (FS.16440)
Oman, Jaguar:    BS 450 Dark Earth / BS 361 Ligth Stone
Quatar, Alpha Jet / Mirage F1:    near FS.20400 / FS.30219 / FS.35231
Saudi Arabia, Tornado: BS 450 / BS 361 / BS 641 / black
   -''- ADV:  18-B-21 / BS 627 (radome is BS 637)
  F-5         FS.30140 / FS.20400 / FS.34079 / FS.36622
  Hawk Mk.65  BS 641 / BS 361 / BS 450 (first 10 matt, rest gloss)
UAE, Dubai Hawk Mk.61:  F407-1815 Brown, (bluer than FS.30145) X:X2 /
     F407-1814 Sand, (dark yellow) X:X305? / FS.35526 Light blue
  Hawk Mk.63:  FS.33531 Middlestone / FS.20450 Light Tan / FS.35622


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