Ballpoint refill compatibility

Most of the time this is not an issue, because pens usually are made either for a propietary format or a standard format. The one I use the most is the ISO 12757 G2 ("Parker") style, so that's what I'll focus on here.


The older Epoca is made for Ballograf's own "Original" refill. Fisher's PR series refills, without the G2 style adapter, will also fit, even though it's shorter.

Caran d'Ache's "Goliath" will also work but they aren't identical so the tip won't be in the exact same position.

The newer Rondo and Opus are made to take either an Original or a G2 style refill, which Ballograf actually also makes and calls "World" refill.

The Opus and Rondo will also accept some almost-G2 style refills, like a Fisher refill with adapter and Schneider's Gelion 39.


The Rotring Newton will work with Ballograf refills, but without a shim the tip won't be as far out as normally.

Caran d'Ache

Their older model, 849, is made for their propietary "Goliath" refill and I haven't found any other which will work.

This is a bit surprising since the mechanism has the four prongs to engage a G2 refill, but it most likely didn't in 1969 and only have it now for parts commonality between models.

The Ecridor looks rather much like a 849 but it has a slightly longer barrel and is designed to accept G2 refills in addition to their own Goliath.
Ballograf's Original will also work, but due to different shapes the tip will not be in the exact same position.

But the almost-G2 refills I've tested, Schneider Gelion 39 and Fisher with adapter, does not fit.


  1. Stick to the Ballograf refill its the best no skip no miss no smudge sverige is best!!

  2. I agree entirely with your sentiment.Parker even moved out of uk they were so bad and as for the Swiss they should stick to Cuckoo Clocks and the Germans We all know what they are good at!!

  3. Does the Fisher Pressurized #SPR1 / #PR1 Fisher Cartridge work on a Ballograf Epoca? I am trying to find a refill for Ballograf but not the original one since the original one has very few online sellers.

  4. The Fisher "without G2 adaptor" is the PR series:
    which fit well in Ballograf Epoca.

  5. so is there any difference between SPR and PR series? Would SPR work as well?