Pelikan nib switch

Time for another nib upgrade, this time for small Pelikan fountain pens.
My blue transparent M205 has been given a B nib and that will be one of those I'll have in regular use. Perhaps my M215ST will get to use that nib too, sometimes. Normally it's got a F.
But which will be the other Pelikan in regular use? The best M nib is actually a steel goldplated belonging to my marbled blue M200. However, its action as become squeaky, so it's not really fun to use. This doesn't matter, as it was so cheap it was practically free.
I thought about putting the nib on my yellow transparent M205DUO, but I'm thinking any ink other than yellow will stain it, so I'm refraining. Besides, it didn't really match in colour anyway.
But I've got an M400 with an M nib. It's a good nib. But the one from the M200 is noticably smoother on almost all kinds of paper. (It was from the beginning and I don't believe nibs get worn in when writing. Paper isn't very abrasive.) The hue matches the rest of the pen well, so that's one of my Pelikan users!

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