I think I need, or want, a new camera

I have a very good DSLR, but it's sort of large and heavy for some applications. I also have a Fuji Finepix 6500 which I sort of got to "try out" digital. Smaller and lighter, but still not close to what I'd like to replace with something digital: My Rollei 35S.

Lots of features aren't needed nor high performance (if I need fast focus, multiple flashes or long telephoto) I already have what I need, which points to some sort of compact camera. When the Ricoh GR and Sigma DP1 came out, they seemed like about what I was looking for. Didn't feel a strong need then, so none was purchased.

When I go out looking in stores now, Micro Four Thirds cameras like Olympus Pen or Panasonic GF1 are what seems most interesting. But with a real viewfinder they're no longer very small and I'm not convinced only a screen is good enough. (The viewfinders are also quite expensive, almost like a cheaper DSLR in fact, and if I think it's too large to bring on vacations, then it's a waste of money.)

I've also looked at Leica X1 which has a user interface I like, with dials for speed and aperture. (That an aperture dial is wrong as some people seem to think is not an argument which carries much weight with me, since I've had a SLR with the speed dial like a ring around the lens mount, Nikkormat FT2. But now we're talking serious amount of money, which perhaps could be better spent at a new telephoto lens or something for my DSLR.

On the other hand, too low image quality and a cheap camera is waste of money too.

Decisions, decisions...

Since I seem to like normal viewfinders, perhaps a Micro Four Thirds with a fixed viewfinder would be better. But then I'd be getting close to my DSLR in usability at the cost of a larger than necessary camera. Doesn't make much sense. Except for one reason, perhaps, and that is that I don't have a macro lens. Should be possible to get a reasonably priced one, perhaps an old OM, and an adapter.

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