Streetcar in Stockholm, new line in 2000.

As of June 2000 all of Tvärbanan, the new streetcar line in Stockholm, which mostly runs on its own right of way but also in streets, is open for traffic. Previously only the eastern part Liljeholmen - Gullmarsplan was open, now one can travel between Alvik and Liljeholmen too.
The two photos above are from Alvik, the left shows the tunnel on the approach to Alvik, the right is taken from near the tunnel opening towards the stop under the Underground/Nockebybanan station (the latter which is operated by the same class A32 streetcars as Tvärbanan).

A short stretch between Liljeholmen and Årstadal the streetcars share the tracks with the industrial trackage to the Liljeholmen quay, behind the streetcar in the leftmost photo. The turnout is where the industrial trackage leaves the shared tracks. In the middle photo, to the lower left, is the other place where it leaves the shared tracks. In the background is the tunnel mouth where Årstadal station is, and the rightmost photo is taken on the Årstadal platform.

In Gröndal the streetcar runs in the streets, and shares stops with buses.

These photos and this text are from June 2000.

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