New watch

Last week I decided it was time to replace my old (bought in 1991 in Darwin as replacement for a Nivada Baby Whale which apparently hadn't gotten its battery changed professionally, so moisture broke it) Seiko SQ100.
Reason I choose the SQ100 was that it was pretty legible for a normal watch and it had day and date display. It still works just fine, but it's not water tight at all any more so it's not a good idea to wear it if water is a risk. And it often is.

Of course I wanted much the same of its replacement. Hadn't thought much about Swatch as most of their models don't appeal to me. But after learning of my requirements (and after looking at something almost suitable but with almost invisible hands from one other common brand) I had the Swatch SUJB700 pointed out to me -- and it was just right in every respect and at a price where you don't take much of a risk anyway.

One drawback is that you can't replace the leather strap for something non-Swatch. For, for example, when you're planning on dunking it in water or walking in lots of rain. But you can purchase replacement plastic straps for it, which I may do in preparation for summer. Another is that the day display is only in English; If possible I always set my day displays to  French (as on the SQ100) or German. Neither has bothered me so far.

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