A couple of days ago I recalled that long, long ago I had played som bridge building game and realised there must be something similar for iPad. I quickly found iPad (but didn't realise until today that it hadn't been free until just a day or two before I got the idea to look for it -- that's synchronicity).

I quickly began to like it a lot. Both for what you can do with it and for the maker's comments, one which actually encourages us to not play the game all the time. That's unusual!

What you can do with it isn't exactly what it sounds like, the idea is to test your bridge designs by bashing them, preferably not breaking them in the process. Also, there's no given end result, the maker notes that there are others who have beaten his best design (stands up to a certain load for the least amount of "money" spent), so you can optimise and optimise indefinitely.

Building a strong bridge isn't really hard, but then it's going to be expensive. And not just expensive, the bridge building material itself has to be carried by the structure, so adding useless girders reduces the useful load.

Highly recommended.

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