Time for snow tires

Yesterday I had the summer tires changed to winter tires. Or rather the whole wheels. Pretty good timing as it looks to be only 1 deg over freezing tonight which is lucky considering I booked a time some time ago. And by Dec 1:st cars in Sweden have to be fitted with winter tires.

Most of the cars I've driven during winter have had studded tires, but I choose studless "friction" tires. Small part of the reason is that they allow me to drive with them outside of the dates you're permitted studded tires, but not the whole reason. As long as some proportion of cars have studded tires friction tires work pretty well and I don't expect to drive much on small roads during winter anyway. And during the times when there's no ice nor hard packed snow on the roads and streets they work better than studded tires. But I know they're bad in warm weather.

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