Pen box consolidation

The boxes pen comes with are often larger than necessary and sometimes made for more than one pen. So I've decided to save space by not saving all boxes. At least not as pen boxes. Nakaya's boxes are very nice, so one of the two is not going in the trash, but will be used for something else.
Pelikan's box progression is rather interesting:

  1. My black M800 came in the larger black/yellowish cardboard box.
  2. My red M800 came in the small box.
  3. The M200 was almost free, so no box.
  4. The M400 and the M215ST came in the identical boxes to the right. One of those is going in the trash today. Or maybe not since they are made for three pens each and thus is space efficient...
  5. The blue transparent M205 came in the largest box with the most luxurious interior, suitable for only a single pen.
  6. The M205DUO comes in a rather special box. That's necessary to keep.
This is a logical re-arrangement, since I don't always even keep boxes until I'm at home. For example, I've only a single Pilot box from my 2007 trip to Japan, because it's easier to pack that way. So why not do the same thing at home?

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