Arlanda Flygsamlingar

Today I was at a meeting at Arlanda airport, were civilian aircraft are stored and restored during the long, long wait for a Swedish civilian aviation museum.
Skyraider. Used for target towing.

Siebel Si 204. Used by the Swedish mapping agency. It's the next after next aircraft in the restoration queue.

Lockheed Electra. Very nicely restored, but still not complete.

Tiger Cub. 1970's ultralight.

Thompson Brothers P.505 airport fuel truck, made for small airports. Made in 1946.

Fordson Sussex, built in 1936 and one of the first custom made airport fuel trucks. 
This one was used at Bromma airport from 1936, moved to Kiruna in the late 1940s, moved to Visby in 1959 where it remained in use until 1967 when it was retired because its capacity was too low.

The collection also has lots of models, including unique wind tunnel models. (This isn't a wind tunnel model.) And a wind tunnel.

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